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What’s Going on with the Sun?

  Sunspots have been minimal for several years. This has puzzled some people because there should have been another high 11 year well known cycle, as there have been in the past. Figure 1. shows this cycle.



The other solar cycles, one of which is illustrated in figure 2, called The Gliesberg cycle after the astronomer who first noticed it. It is not as clear as the well known 11 year cycle and may not even be a regular cycle.

Long Term Solar Cycle. Called the Gliesberg Cycle.

The combination of more and more people meditating with the 10.5 year solar cycle and the long term Gliesberg Cycle has not been observed long enough to know how regular it is, if it is at all. This results in a confusing condition. I suggest that you not be concerned. Just meditate using whatever method or on whatever subject and relax.

After all, cycles are an artificial or human made abstraction from the raw data. A cycle is really not thought to be present until many observations have been made, and ideally, an explanation has to been found which can account for its existence and predictions of future cycles have been made.

The solar cycle has been observed for a couple hundred years and can be predicted to within a year or two, so it can be a said to be a “real” external cycle. The long term Gliesberg cycle has only been observed loosely for four long cycles so it is considered to be “speculative reality”. If a low started a few years ago, then the regular sunspot peaks would be expected to be extremely low, which they were; and still low which they are. Further more the extraordinary low may continue for 45 to 150 years.

Wars may start when the rate of change of solar activity is high.

One smoothed Solar Cycle

The rate of change depends on where the planets are positioned.

Global mediations have clearly been associated with decreased sunspot numbers.

Maharishi Mahesh, founder of Transcendental Meditation, has demonstrated that meditations will also reduce criminal behavior in the area and probably other human problems such as accidents and psychotic episodes.


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