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UP River and Down River Indians

Once years ago, I was driving down a long river canyon in Northern California, a back road. I stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. He seemed a bit anxious and I asked him why He said he was eager to get away from there, because the people would attack him if he were caught there. e explained he was a Down River Indian and this was Up River Indian territory. The Up River Indians didn’t get along with the Down River Indians. We drove a while as he explained to me and I finally asked him when or where along the road was the boundary line. He couldn’t say. There was no definite line. In a few more miles he got out. As he did so, I asked him why he was there in Up River Indian territory. “Oh” he said. “I have an Up River Indian girlfriend”


North High and South High

I lived in a small city once where there were two high schools, called ‘North High’ and South High’. They played football and baseball with each other and other games. Sometimes misdeeds or damage, or fights between some students took place. It was always ‘students from North High’ who created the trouble according to my South High fellow students, even if they weren’t to blame. I didn’t know if the school principals ever got together or the coaches.

OR IS IT?????

Jews and Muslims

As long as Jewish leaders insist on being Jews and Arabs on being Arabs, there will be disharmony. Outdated beliefs of tribal gods fuel the conflict. “My daddy is bigger than your daddy.”

A larger awareness recognizes we are all brothers and sisters on planet Earth, and Earth is pretty insignificant in the large galaxy of two billion stars, which is itself insignificant in the larger universe of billions of galaxies! What’s all the fuss about?




What to do?

1. Broaden education of children. Even bring in European, Asian, Indian, and English teachers who have larger views of human nature and can teach cooperation not competition.

2. Encourage intercultural marriage, and working.

3. Share language and customs for fun and interest, not competition.

In one or two generations.. .war will be seen as wasteful and unnecessary.

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