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Ten Ailments That Could be Helped

1. Cancer - This is the biggy.

There are so many positive reports of getting over cancer with magnetic therapy that it should be one of the first treatments done ASAP. Side effects are rare. Magnetic therapy works well with any other treatment such as chemotherapy. One scientist reported at the recent conference that magnetic treatments plus chemotherapy seemed to work better than either one alone.
Daily magnetic application can help prevent cancer too.
Wearing little heart magnets in the bra or attaching them like jewelry items to the shirt can be done easily every day. Only the north polarity should be used over possible cancer areas.

2. Arthritis. This is another common problem of aging bodies. It is also one of the most fully researched conditions that responds well to magnetic therapy. Stronger magnets are probably better. Magnetic polarity is important. Often the south pole works better.

3. Asthma. Placing the north pole on the chest area as soon as possible when symptoms occur can help ease breathing. I suffered with that ailment for 20 years; no longer have the slightest trace of it.

4. Broken bones heal twice as quickly with magnetic treatments as without. Some fractures that don't seem to heal at all, often do when magnets are applied. Strong magnets may be  used with the south polarity towards the break for best results.

5. Bumps, sprains, stiffness, all respond to magnetic treatment.

6. Wounds can heal faster and don't form as much scar tissue when treated with magnets. Magnets can be temporarily taped on with masking tape and can be applied over bandages as their force will penetrate cloth, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or glass with ease.

7. Magnetized water is good to drink. Make your own by placing a glass on a strong magnet. I place a gallon jug on a Magnetic Power Pad 6 inches in diameter and drink from it as my only source. The south pole towards the water seems to produce the best taste. Magnetic treatments don't kill bacteria, or remove chlorine from water. Wine, beer, soda pop, or any liquid may be magnetically treated.

8. Fruits, such as apples, kiwis, grapes, oranges, etc. may be stimulated to ripen faster and taste sweeter. Use the south polarity on fruits. It doesn't seem to work on bananas, though.

9. Toothaches often respond to magnetic therapy. And the use of magnets right after any serious dental work (or any surgical operation) will help alleviate the pain.

10. Headaches will often respond to magnet fields. Take a strong magnet and massage lightly around the head area or hold it over the place of pain for a few minutes. Of course, there are many causes and if it doesn't work you may benefit from a neck massage, acupuncture treatment, or even an aspirin. If all of the above fail, take a vacation.


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