THE VISION…… The world is rushing on. It does matters what we or say or think. If thoughts create our personal reality, then what groups think creates our social reality. What kind of world ‘reality’ do we want?

We are inviting all people that meditate from all over the globe to join in thought power to help move world consciousness to the next level. Many famous people showed that meditation works, and heIps the world move through stressful times. Edgar Cayce, Telihard de Chardin, Peter Russell are among those who have written or spoken about the power of global meditations.

Maharashi, an Indian guru, taught Transcendental Meditation and showed how people meditating together reduced criminal behavior in Washington DC.

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For more information about The Vision please read The Power of Collective Thought.



 Please help us do our work by donating $8 (or $9 if you live outside  of US) and you will receive a copy of “The Quantum Theory of Love”. 

This little book is designed to change the world by changing The Golden Rule to The Golden Rule Plus One Quantum of Love.

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     These remarkable graphs illustrate the association of sunspot numbers with mass meditations. There was a drop in sunspot number around the day of the meditations. This was typical of 18 previous meditations spread out over the last thirty global meditations. The sunspot number begin dropping several days before the day of meditation. This too was a characteristic of  previous global meditations.


The Quantum Theory Of Love is one of Buryl's books relevant to a Festival of Love and Harmony.


One reader's feedback about the "Quantum Theory Of Love"

I have often said to people and in talks so many of the sentiments that you cover in your book. But you have put them all together so eloquently and yet so simply – it is wonderful.

Some years ago I was going to write a very similar LITTLE book called "The Little Book of Love". But what you’ve done is perfect.

If I could afford it, I’d buy a copy for everyone on my list. However, instead I shall strongly recommend that everyone buys a copy. That will be better for both of us.

Dr Kashonia Carnegie PhD