The Golden Rule Plus One


I am starting a new project:

I am trying to change a cultural habit of thought. You have often heard the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I wish to change it to the Golden Rule Plus One, where One refers to One Quantum of kindness, goodness, or love, however that is defined.  Now I would like to distribute the book around the world, especially to children, whose minds are not yet crystallized. I believe that by teaching children the world psychological climate will be changed. It may take a few generations. I need psychological and financial help. The booklet, pocket size is only 48 pages and sells for $7.   

I intend to start a preschool.
I need people to refer the booklet to others. If each reader of the booklet refers two other people to it, the world will be covered after about 32 iterations.
If you would care to purchase it, maybe give it to some youngsters, it would sure be appreciated. Iíve got a lot more research projects that need doing, and things to invent.