Festival of Love and Harmony

June 2-3, 2012 (for Venus Transit June 4-6)

On this rare event, there is a Venus Transit combined with a full moon, partial eclipse and the Moon is perigee (closest to the Earth of the month).

Would you like to organize your own Festival of Love and Harmony (or your own event) in your area?

 Just email buryl@buryl.com with the details of your gathering (date, time, place and contact name and number).  We will list your event on our master website www.spititualmeditations.us.

We request every group to pray, meditate, or visualize a calm Earth and Sun. May people all over the world receive what they need to open their hearts.

We welcome your ideas to create and coordinate world wide programs. Some meditation presentations may be available online. A wonderful guiding meditation audio recording from The Children of the Sun (www.childrenofthesun.com) is available for download.

Below is a solar system diagram which also shows the conjunction of Mars and Saturn with the Sun and the Full Moon - Venus - Sun alignment.




Expanded screenview of Earth and Venus on June 4th, 2012.

Full view of Solar System on June 4th, 2012.


Meditation has been shown to consistently be associated with reduced solar activity for over 15 times.

This could stimulate a lot of focused energy.  Let's put it too good use.  If there are any people willing to help organize events or who have program ideas please communicate with Buryl: Buryl@Buryl.com.