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Other Research on Spinning Organisms 


One time I gave a presentation / demonstration of the Spin Force at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  One of the founders, Dr. Frank Brown, visited my labatory a few days later, which was only 15 miles away.  He had some research on spinning small sea animals and plants in rotating pots.


In another series of experiments he placed rotating magnets near the bean seeds and observed an interaction with the bean seeds.  Brown and his associates also found interactions between geomagnetic activity and rotation of worms and other small life forms.


Brown also reported on the research of R.I. Jones, who reported in 1960 that plant growth could be altered by uniform daily rotation.  Clockwise rotation depressed growth. No one has been able to explain Jones’ findings, but the presence of a spin force around all plants might be a factor.


Taken together, the findings of Brown, Jones, the author, and other researchers all point to connections between living organisms, spin, and geomagnetic activity. All living organisms seem to be in resonance with Earth’s dynamic magnetic field. Earth’s magnetic field is in turn a function of solar activity and the positions of the Moon, and some of the planets.







Do your own experiments! More information may be found in:

"The Spin Force"

You will probably discover something new.



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