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Harold S Cober wrote:


Ron Hruby, a Ph.D. in electrical engineer, and retired NASA scientist, made his own version of a Biofield Meter, from reading the book, and did careful experiments on remote healing (videotaping movements of the Biofield Meter). Descriptions of his experiments are included in the Spin Force book.

Below is part of an article in the Spin Book, under Remote Healing.

By Buryl Payne and Ron Hruby
PsychoPhysics Labs
Unpublished paper

Introduction and Background

That thought is a force like the other forces of physics has long been suspected and even stated by many spiritual teachers.  Now we can verify the truth of this notion.

Some years ago a biological force was accidentally discovered by Buryl Payne, a physicist/psychologist, while investigating another topic.  The force was measured by suspending a frame with magnets over a subject’s head.  The frame was observed to rotate a few degrees.  Initially, the rotation was thought to be an artifact, possibly due to random air currents, or vibrations of the building.  But careful observations showed the rotation to be always in the same direction (to the right as seen from within).  Small frames, laden with small magnets (magnets were eventually shown to be not needed the Biofield is not magnetic) were placed in airtight bottles to eliminate the possibility of wind currents.  When subjects placed their hands around the bottle, rotations were consistently observed.  Healers and young children usually produced greater rotation.  The direction of rotation of the frames was found to temporarily reverse when the Moon was new or full, or there were solar flares and geomagnetic activity.  Solar activity in turn was found to be related to the positions of the planets, a fact not generally known.  Therefore this biological force, which is over one million times as large as the body’s magnetic force, shows that humans are connected with events of the entire solar system.  We are not isolated groups of cells of protoplasm, nor are we merely passive passengers on ‘Spaceship Earth’; we are part of a dynamic, interacting solar system, and perhaps even more, as our Sun surely responds to emanations from other stars and probably the Galactic Center as well.

The discovery led to a world wide meditation/visualization experiment to see if people could raise the Space Station Skylab to a higher orbit as it was about to crash into Earth.  At this time Biofield Meters were made in small bottles and sold for home experimenters.

A Biotelepathy Experiment

In 2000, Dr. Ron Hruby carried out experiments showing that the amplitude of this spin force (as measured by a version of Buryl Payne’s device) could be influenced by people sending compassionate love to a subject.  In eighteen trials, he obtained 100% correlation between times of visualization on the subject’s health and times of marked change of the Biofleld.  Essentially Dr. Ruby showed that loving thoughts have a measurable force.  This was an amazing discovery.

The rest of the article can be found in the Spin book.

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Undertaken by Shemaya Laurel and friends, 2006
Holyoke Massachusetts


Equipment used:

Basic Biofield Meter from Buryl Payne.  We added yarns from the central mirror to each corner of the square dowel frame, to prevent the frame from twisting out of its square shape.  Previous to this addition, the dowels tended to move out of their horizontal plane, with opposite corners raised or lowered, and each dowel at an angle.  Due to complications with the available space, we did not use a scale on the wall to measure degree of twist observed.

Observations made:

Observations were made whenever convenient, at times when the Biofield Meter was observed to be completely stationary.  These moments were somewhat rare, most likely due to air currents from individuals moving about the house, and drafts in this old building when the air moves outside. 

Four different individuals participated in testing the meter, depending upon who was available when the meter was stationary.  Results varied depending upon who sat under the meter.  All four individuals were women, varying in age from 24 to 52.  In total, approximately 50 tests were made, over approximately 2 months time.

One individual, age 24 and quite healthy, had the strongest response from the meter.  Three times, with no bumping of the meter while moving her head into position underneath it, the meter moved substantially, approximately 1/8 turn, or 45°, in a clockwise direction.  One time, with that individual, the meter moved counterclockwise, less than 45°.  Sometimes there was no movement, or only slight movement, which was unclear if it was related to the process of getting positioned beneath the meter.

Another individual, myself, experienced movement sometimes, and other times none whatsoever.  Once the movement was dramatic, close to 90° clockwise, but generally the movement was subtle, perhaps 10 to 15°.  Generally clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise.  At the time I was age 48, with substantial long-term health problems.

The third person was striking in that one time the meter moved counterclockwise, 10 to 15°, but generally it would not move at all.  That individual was in good health, age 52.

The fourth individual experienced no movement, but was only available for one attempt.

I have been concerned about both air currents and bumping of the meter influencing the action of the meter.  Even small strands of hair, as people are positioning themselves underneath the meter, have been enough to completely interfere with a measurement, causing obvious movement from the mechanical interference.  However, the striking thing about this series of experiments was that there were several instances where it was absolutely clear that there was no outside interference, and the presence of the person's head underneath and within the meter correlated with substantial movement of the meter, when previous to the person being in the meter there was no movement whatsoever.  This was truly stunning.  When my health allows, I look forward to pursuing further work with the Biofield Meter, including setting up an arrangement that stops airflow while allowing somebody to position themselves beneath the meter.

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Harold S Cober wrote:

Buryl Payne, Ph.D. April 1, 2008:

This is a brief statement explaining my experience with the practical use of Dr. Payne’s Biofield Meter. I have used it with great satisfaction for about 10 years. I am presently “retired” but still do research in my home lab that sometimes still involves the meter. I have done extensive healing energy research at “Life Forces Research Foundation“, Flagler Beach, Florida and at “The Healing Place” in Daytona Beach, Florida. I have a Ph.D. in Thermodynamics and am a Certified Energy Medicine Analyst. I am founder of Vibrational Religion, Vyofeedback, Vyosonics, Hydrostatic Therapy, to name a few.
I have found the Payne Biofield Meter invaluable in determining which direction to turn a client on our Vyotable. We accidentally discovered that counterclockwise or clockwise direction is critical in acquiring beneficial results in brain hemisync and balancing of the human energy field. I suggest that CCW and CW spin are superimposed and these oscillations travel in both directions simultaneously -- the direction of spin detected is determined by which one is dominant at the time. Our research has suggested that a slight CCW motion is the healthiest. Of course a healer might be expected to be exuding CW motion. I agree with Dr Payne that this energy is pre-electromagnetic.
We have employed many instruments and methods in verifying the accuracy and efficacy of the Payne Biofield Meter including Telemetry EEG, Blood Imaging, The Egely Wheel, Aura-in- Motion, Resonant Field Imaging by ITEM,
www.item-bioenergy.com and others. I am convinced that Payne’s Meter is irreplaceable for our application. In a matter of minutes we can determine the direction and timing of the healing and enlightening sessions, as well as quickly assess after session results.

Harold Cober

Buryl Payne, P.O. Box 514, Soquel CA 95073, ,