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A rediscovery of the spin force.

Noticed by me in 1978, it was first mentioned in the literature of the West in 1600. It keeps being rediscovered. I noticed varies in amplitude with sunspot numbers. It is larger around more vitally alive people, little kids, etc.

Dr. Ron Hruby observed people at a distance could affect its amplitude. Some people can affect it’s amplitude several feet away. Practically anyone can build a spin force detector in an hour.

This is the discovery of a next force, perhaps even replacing older forces call magnetism, positive and negative electricity, weak and strong nuclear forces and adding explanatory understanding to why do people get upset, or have bad days, what starts wars, and a collection of other ailments even psychotic episodes.

Get in on the ground floor of this new scientific discovery. You may discover, something new. Bjorn Vlistig claimed he could obtain 5,000 of watts from his giant model of a spin force detector. Vlistig called it a 'biofield meter'. I wrote more about his experiments in my book "The Spin Force".

Is your kid a budding genius?

This will give him a tool to play with. Though it is not a toy; it is a scientific instrument costing far less that those particle colliders or complex cloud chambers. Check the Spin Force Meter every day. Learn when to take it easy, not get into an argument with your wife, your boss, or mistreat your friends. make your own version, invent something new.

You can do it. be a scientific pioneer.


Making a Spin Force Detector

The Nuts and Bolts

  • The construction is not difficult, but shopping around the parts may take all day and you may wish to buy our ready made unit.


  • Materials:

    Four rods of any diameter (though I use ¼”) made of any material (wood, plastic, or metal). I usually use wood because it cheap, easy to use, and available.

    Four pieces of flexible plastic tubing, 2” length (to connect rods together).

    24, or more, ring magnets with quarter inch holes in the centers, 1” diameter. (You can purchase ring magnets from Radio Shack, most magnetic supply companies, or any magnets may be used.)

    2 small round mirrors, about 2” diameter, such as ladies compact mirrors, glued back-to-back.

    String (yarn, kite, or fishing line).

    2 small eye hooks, for hanging.



    The rods are cut to a length to allow enough space to fit around a large human head, with hair, about 18” or more.

    I usually construct a pyramid shape. However, other shapes may be constructed as well: triangular, six-sided, eight-sided, square, round, etc…, or open.

    The ends of the rods need to be fastened together with the flexible plastic tubing; or you can use some other method (glue, tape, or twine). Precision is not necessary.

    The mirrors are glued back to back with hooks:

     The four strings from the corners of the frame are tied together and fixed to one hook and a single long string is tied to the other hook and to a ceiling hook, rafter, or fixture on your ceiling. This string should be several feet long so it can freely twist..


     How to use:

    The magnets should have the same direction of polarity around the frame; it may not matter which way. Try experimenting; take notes. Hang from a ceiling hook in a place where no drafts or people will be passing by. Center the magnets to make the Biofield Meter level. Let the meter settle for 30-50 minutes. Shine a spot light or laser on the mirrors to reflect light onto a wall. Approach it quietly, to sit under it about eye level. Be sure not to touch the frame with your hair. After 10 to 50 seconds the Biofield Meter will start to rotate. The rotation is small, only a few degrees. Sometimes it is zero degrees if the Earth’s geomagnetic field is very quiet, which usually also means the Sun’s activity is low.

    More detail and suggestions on how to use the spin force detector are given in my book "The Spin Force. A collection of Articles and Experiments".





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