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      The device I have designed, call the Biofield meter (now called a spin force detector!) shows the presence of a rotational force around every living organism.  Astronomical observations indicate that nearly all stellar objects from asteroids to galaxies also have a spin. This force could be a spiral one rather than merely a circular one. The action of the Spin Force Detector will not show this. Since spirals are so ubiquitous in nature, it is very likely that the shape of the spin force is spiral too. 

      A vortex theory of matter was common in physics over 100 years ago. Now this idea has returned in quantum theory speculations.  A particle is a spherical wave radiating out in all directions. 


Don’t spin like that, everyone’s  gonna fall off!

      Consider that planet earth exhibits this spherical pattern too. The center of Earth is an iron ball, spinning faster that the surface of Earth. Wilhelm Reich thought the upper atmosphere traveled backwards, which it would appear to be if Earth’s surface were moving faster than the high clouds.  Planets are assumed to be rotating around the Sun, but they could be spiraling outward so slowly that Astronomers have not clearly noticed this motion. It has been postulated that the Universe is expanding, growing ever larger, so that planets will someday spiral off from the Sun to be suns in their own family with planets, which are now only moons.  Maybe only some planets will evolve, such as Jupiter, with its own source of heat. Pluto may remain a dead planet whizzing thru space to add to the collection of dark matter thought to be there now.

For more information, including how to build your own Spin Force Detector see the Spin Force ebook:

"The Spin Force"



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