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Spin Force of Humans
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The Spin Force Detector

A measurement device for what has heretofore been unmeasurable - an energy field around the human body.

The Spin Force Detector is simple to use, rugged, and stable in operation. To make a measurement, a person sits under the instrument with eyes at the level of the frame and reads the degree of initial rotation on a wall scale. Usually the initial amount of rotation will be between 1 and 70 degrees.

The discovery of this instrument opens up a whole new area of scientific investigation.

Spin Force Detector Made to Order Only. $140.

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WHAT IS THE Biofield?

The term "Biofield" is merely an abbreviation for biological energy field. The Biofield is related to magnetism, yet different from it. It may be related to what people have called the human aura. It seems to be a spinning force or torque around the body. Further research is needed to determine the nature of the Biofield.


* Measurements of the Biofield have shown that it is highly variable and closely associated with magnetic changes of the Earth's field.

* During strong geomagnetic disturbances the Biofield will vary in both amplitude and polarity. (that is, initial direction of rotation of the Biofield Meter.)

* There is a polarity change 85% of the time around new or full moon.

* People are more stressed and hyperactive during periods of geomagnetic disturbance. Accidents, illness, crimes, and international battles are all more likely to happen at these times.

* Weather storms often are more severe at times of geomagnetic disturbances. The Biofield also varies accordingly.


User's feedback: "I really enjoy the metaform that responds to me by moving. I sit on the couch and look at it with no intent other than to see if it will move or (as I think of it) communicate with me. It always responds with the exception of when I am drinking green tea and then it is very reluctant but will move if I give it enough time. These metaforms mean so much to me. Best Wishes, Melba."


The Discovery of the Biofield: A different kind of Magnetism?


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