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A Spin Force Around Humans


A simple and inexpensive apparatus can be used to measure a spin force around humans, animals, plants, bowls of fruit. This fills a gap between spin of sub atomic particles and spin of planets, stars, galaxies, and super galaxies. The amplitude of the spin force around humans has been found to vary with solar/geomagnetic activity, vitality of the subject, phase of the Moon, and sometimes, for some subjects, intention. Remote healing by 20 subjects influenced the amplitude in 17 trials. Observations by one Russian, indicated that spin forces radiate very much faster than light. It is suggested that 'spin' be assumed to be a fundamental force, replacing magnetism, which is a special case of spin.

The Spin section, on this site, is also devoted to the Biofield Meter for measuring the spin force around living organisms. The book describes previous experiments and observations, and observations made by people who have used the Biofield Meter, or made their own.

Letter submitted to Nature Magazine

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