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          Light radiating from the black hole at the Galactic Center cannot escape to reach Earth due to the strong gravitational pull of the black hole. Even if it did, the light would take about thirty thousand years to travel to Earth. Therefore any effects arising from the close alignment of the Galactic Center and Earth would have the property to escape from a black hole and to propagate much faster than light.

          The Spin Force which I have discovered around people may be such a force correlated to it. An English physicist, Laithwaite, thought that spin radiation from stars should fill the skies. A Russian scientist made observations that implied a force emanated from stars that was faster than light. He detected such an effect by pointing his telescope where a star would be by now, not where it was when the visible light left it. Bill Ramsy, in Boulder, Colorado, has been collecting a signal from the Sun, and transforming it into a music like audio signal. He claims that he can detect a radiation about eight minutes before a visible, or light wave emanation, reaches Earth.

          While validation by others of these observations have not yet been made, it is suggestive of the possibility of radiation’s that travel faster than light. Perhaps the stars communicate by such a radiation. Light speed may be much too slow.

          When a planet is seen as aligned with the Sun, on the other side of the solar system, stronger effects are observed on Earth than when it is off to the side. When the Moon is aligned with a planet, and especially when the planet is relatively close to Earth, influences on the weather, especially noticeable for Jupiter (hotter weather) and Pluto (cooler weather). Geomagnetic field disturbances are larger.

          In 2010, it was definitely warmer when the planet Jupiter aligned with the Sun. Also the earthquake in Haiti occurred. When the Sun and the planet Venus aligned, earthquakes in Chili occurred.
          Fortunately, these are not yearly occurrences, although the weather effects are, and therefore, they are predictable.

          Rodney Collins, a student of Georges Gurdjieff, maintained that an emanation from the Galactic Center (and by extension) all Galactic Centers) which he called: “The Ray of Creation” occurred and went out to all the stars in the galaxy, and from the stars to the planets. This Ray had a benevolent, stimulating effect on all life.

          There, the Earth’s Sun, aligning with the Galactic Center will produce an increase in that ray, and life on Earth will experience a jump in evolution of more than average. The movement of the Sun around the galaxy periodically comes closer to appearing to align with the Galactic Center.


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