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There is another force that has been rediscovered. This force is easy to detect and measure. Originally called Biofield, it was observed around living organisms, including a person, a dog, a plant, a grapefruit, and a watermelon. Presumably it is present around all living organisms.


It is easily measured by a pyramid frame, a large ring or hoop, or a simple open frame of any material suspended around the head by a string.

The frame rotates a few degrees when a subject puts his head within it. It does not swing to and fro, regardless of the length of the suspension string, it only rotates, usually only a few degrees, and usually clockwise as seen from above. However around the new or full moon, or intense geomagnetic storms, it temporarily reverses direction. The spin is larger around certain people, especially children, and apparently is a measure of vitality. Perhaps those forces called ‘chi’, ‘prana’, ‘orgone’, or ‘subtle magnetism’ are the same thing. Now called a “spin force” because it induces rotation, it is apparently a universal force. Tesla was reported to have said there is a higher ‘octave of magnetism’ which scientists have not yet noticed, around all matter. It may travel much faster than light according to an experiment by one Russian. Some Russian scientists have discovered the presence of the same, or similar, force around spinning matter. They call it a “torsion field”.


I have observed it to co-vary with changes in the solar/geomagnetic activity, and the positions of some of the planets and the Moon. As spin, this force can be observed as a property of all matter, from electrons, protons, atoms, etc. up to entire galaxies. It’s not new, just hasn’t been accorded the status of an independent force by most classical physicists.


What does this force have to do with psychic energy?

Dr. Ron Hruby, of San Jose, built one of the devices used to detect this spin force around people, and found it varied at the times of intentional healing ‘energy’ or visualization of healing by a small group on subjects ten miles away. In 18 trials with four subjects he found 100% correlation between times of directed healing and maximum changes in the spin force!


A similar pilot experiment was performed with two healers 3,000 miles away in Sheffield , Massachusetts, and three potential subjects in California. The distant healers chose one of three subjects, by first name only, each of whom was sitting under their own Biofield Meter. The chosen subject’s Biofleld Meter rotated two full turns compared with 1/8 and 1/3 turns by the other two subjects. People who have the ability to direct healing at a distance, or who would like to see if they have such ability, are invited to call and schedule a time for a test on a subject in Santa Cruz, California. Healers may be anywhere in the world. There is no charge to participate in this experimental work. Participating healers will be sent a copy of the written report which will be prepared for publication.


Everyone is encouraged to build their own version of a Biofield Meter, or purchase a kit, and try their own experiments.


In Boulder, Allan McAlister, a physicist who also does directed energy healing, is planning to see if the Biofield Meter set up in his basement will respond when a subject receives ‘energy healing’ in the same room.

A Danish scientist, Dr. Bjom Vlistig, claimed to extract 5,000 watts of electric power from a giant version of a Biofield Meter!

These experiments show how we are related to one another and to the entire solar system by means of this heretofore unnoticed force. The implications of a discovery like this suggest that some kind of spin force, (or is it a spiral force?) could be incorporated into classical physics. A force that travels faster than light may account for what is now called non-locality, and the introduction of spin as a fifth force may make some aspects of cosmology much clearer. The reader is invited to be skeptical, but only if he or she first makes or purchases a Biofleld Meter and verifies that it works.


About the Author

Buryl Payne holds a Ph. D. in psychology, and an M.S. in physics. A former Boston University professor, He designs Pulsed Magnetic Field Generators for aiding the healing process. He has found how and when solar activity triggers the start of wars, and helped organize global peace meditations which were observed to decrease solar activity.

He lives in Santa Cruz, Ca. His website is www.buryl.com, phone number is (831) 475-4250




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