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"PSYCHIC EDUCATION NOW" e-book is available for $17.


Future belongs to a new generation of people who have awakened to their natural abilities to enhance the world. Children have imaginary friends, but are they really imaginary? Children want to talk to plants, trees, animals, and ghosts, but they are discouraged from doing so and therefore lose these abilities.

All children can expand their psychic abilities, if only our education system addressed them.

Easy to follow methods of new education are proposed and explained in this book.

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As a physicist and a psychologist, Dr. Payne used his knowledge and experience to design a set of devices for psychic development that will be used in the new education system.




1. Brain Harmonizer for Enhancing Telepathy

2. A Skin Conductance Meter

3. A Heart Beat Synchronizer

4. Spin Force Detector

5. Biolevitator



By N.C.Truehart


Education must take a holistic approach to fostering the healthy development of a child. Children see and feel everything about the world. The innocent and unconditionally optimistic eyes and hearts of children take in many wondrous things. Many of these things the average adult has become blind to. This is backed scientifically by studies that have shown that children make use of their whole brain, whereas adults have lost the ability to use a significant portion of it. Then, the problem presents itself: how do we, as blind adults, further the development of the whole child if we cannot see all that they see or feel?


We must speak of these 'wondrous things' in a quantifiable and functional way. To this end, we may begin by speaking about 'sixth sense abilities'. These abilities include, but are not limited to perceiving energy fields, communicating with plants and animals, seeing auras, seeing non-human entities, telepathy, and telekinesis. Naturally, children’s adeptness with each of these abilities varies, as with adults.


Musically, where every child is born with the potential to be able to carry a tune or groove to a beat, many children grow up without practicing these skills. This results in an adult who would say they can't dance or sing, or is at least uncomfortable doing so. The proper exposure and practice in childhood would allow the person to develop their chosen musical ability. It is the same with sixth sense abilities.


Parents often report that their infant is crying, but they don't know why. Infants also often seem to be looking at or reacting to something we, as adults, can't see. This begs the question, how do we expose our children to these things so as to allow for their sixth sense abilities to flourish and become useful to them? The most obvious answer to this question would be to address these abilities in a preschool setting. The teachers and staff would be tasked with designing curricula that include activities that allow the children to practice these skills. As in any preschool, the teachers and staff would also be in the ideal position to encourage parents to take a look at and develop their own sixth sense abilities.


In this day and age, society, as a whole, is coming to realize that 'work' shouldn't feel like work. A person's life's work should be like play. Every industry, every job, could be approached as an art form. Every worker, then, is really an artist. The person who has figured out what they can contribute to society that allows for a joyful and artistic day's work has found the best way to use all of their talents. This person has searched within themselves and found a meaningful, universally relevant way to express themselves. They have found their zen. It then follows that children who grow up with the holistic education we have described would be in a position to find the best way to use all of their talents in their life's work in a much more meaningful way because they are using all of their senses. Children would also grow up knowing what zen feels like. If every child had access to this kind of education, the next generation would have a powerful and positive effect on the whole world.


"PSYCHIC EDUCATION NOW" e-book is available for $17.











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