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Psychic Development

It can be aided by several of our instruments.

I. The Brain Harmonizer

         A coil around the head powered by our circuit and a 9 volt battery, produces low frequency magnetic pulses to help synchronize brain hemispheres, a prerequisite for telepathic communication and probably other psychic skills. 

II The Biofield Meter

A simple frame device suspended around the head of a subject will respond to directed intention by a distant friend, or even a stranger.

Ill Mini Biofield Meter,

A small version of the Biofield Meter suspended in a large glass jar, will rotate when hands are placed around the jar without touching it.

IV.  An instrument for measuring sympathetic nervous system activity, when connected to a distant subject, will respond to directed emotions of love or dislike.


These devices have all been demonstrated to show the efficacy of psychic abilities. They work, but not always for everybody all the time. They may help you improve your psychic ability.