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$1190, $30 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S

Lease option plan:

$50 for three weeks trial and $5 a day after that. Full purchase price required as a deposit returned to you less lease fee.

Distributors wanted. Distributor and quantity discounts are available.

Magnetic Power Pulsar II

 Our most powerful magnetic field generator.


The Power Pulsar is used for rebalancing the endocrine system and for pain relief.

The instructions for how and where to test the energy balance of each gland and organ are included. No other instrument can be used for this important function. This information is unique and only comes with our magnetic equipment.

Balancing the endocrine system alone could change your life!

$750, $30 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S.

Lease option plan as with Pulsar II.

Magnetic Power Pulsar I


The Power Pulsar I can be used, just as the Power Pulsar II, to balance the endocrine system or treat any other ailment, although one at time. It has one output socket and may be used to power one applicator at the time.

It is important to use the correct polarity which can be different for different ailments. 

Using our pulsed magnetic therapy many patients got well and avoided surgeries.

 Instructions included.




The Spin Force Detector


A measurement device for what has heretofore been unmeasurable - an energy field around the human body. Something not in the electromagnetic domain. This would be about one thousand timas as large as the magnetic field of the heart if the Spin Force field were magnetic but it isn't. That's still pretty small.

The Spin Force Detector is simple to use, rugged, and stable in operation. To make a measurement, a person sits under the instrument with eyes at the level of the frame and reads the degree of initial rotation on a wall scale. Usually the initial amount of rotation will be between 1 and 70 degrees.

The discovery of this instrument opens up a whole new area of scientific investigation. We are trying to measure the spin field of the Earth or Sun and obtain enough energy to run an automobile or heat a house.

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$350, $15 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S.
Pocket Pulsar

A portable magnetic field generator which pulses about 16 times per second.  Choose bionorth (blue) or biosouth (red) pole simply by reversing the color coded 2 inch diameter applicator.


Standard EMT: $249, $15 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S.



EMT with onscreen display:

$349, $15 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S.

 Lease option plan:

$50 for three weeks trial and $5 a day after that. Full purchase price required as a deposit returned to you less lease fee.

Electronic Muscle Tester

A simple to use device that helps to determine what  is the best magnetic polarity to use. Also test for what foods, vitamines, herbs, or health products to use to strengthen your body.  Save hundreds of dollars by not buying what someone thinks you need. From the best colored clothes to the best massage therapist, our EMT will help you life run better.

Every body is different and it needs different foods at different times. Never mind the hype for this or that. Determine what your body needs, not what someone else says. Our Electronic Muscle Tester will tell you. Using the computer readout to determine muscle tremor is even more accurate than the manual method.

Save money, buy what you need. EMT can also show what clothes strangthen you, what massage therapist best for you, what is the best place to live, etc.

Satisfaction guaranteed!  If in 3 weeks from purchase you are not satisfied.  We will refund your purchase minus $50.00 and shipping.

Magnetic Bed Coils close out sale; for experimental use only.

$398, $25 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S.


Magnetic Bed Coils

These are coils to go around the bed. They produce a moderate intensity field at about one to 2 cycles per second. Adjustable frequency units can be custom made for an extra charge. The polarity can be set by a switch.

Muscle testing for polarity or use of our Electronic Muscle Tester is highly desirable. You must supply your own battery-6 to 12 volts. A used motorcycle or car battery is fine. While a car battery may be to weak to use in a car, it will work just fine for the bed cods which only draw about an ampere.

But it would cost many dollars to ship.

For experimental use only; no health claims are made. Not approved by the FDA since the cost of doing that would be many thousands of dollars.

This is a dose out sale. Only $199 plus shipping.

Only 6 units available. No more will be made as they are very labor intensive.


The electronic products above are now made with superior quality and workmanship by Jim Ostrowski, who is manager of Turbomagnetics. More details about the improved circuitry and wave form may be found on the Turbomagnetics website. You may also purchase these products from Turbomagnetics.


Other Products



Custom design only. Inquire for price.


Brain Harmonizer

The Brain Harmonizer will help coordinate and harmonize brain hemisphere activity. Will also help your telepathic skills.

The Brain Harmonizer improves your ability to telepathically connect with plants, animals, other people.

Master Brain Linkerster Brain Linker

From a master psychic group.

Learn how to really work together.

Enhance your psychic development, experience the awesome power of a group mind.

$999 plus  $20 shipping and handling

Master Brain Linker

You can jump to a new level of consciousness, one of working together with others. Leap into the new millennium.

Our Master Mind Link Instrument that will connect up to eight people in phase synchronization of brain waves. Imagine the power of a Master Group with Brains Linked together.

Two or eight people are more effective than single individuals. The Master Mind Linker ushers in a whole new level of being.

If you have a group of 2 to 8, get a Master Brain Linker. If you don’t have a group, get a Master Brain Linker and form one.



Permanent Magnet Products




Set of two Magnets plus Manual $30, $3 shipping            


Healing Magnets


A valuable way to start learning about magnetic therapy.

Comes with one ordinary magnet and one super strong Neodymium magnet (if there were two strong ones you couldn't pull them apart).

These special high-strength magnets can be applied anywhere on the body. You may stop chronic pain in a few treatments and never need an expensive Power Pulsar.

It comes with a comprehensive manual that shows over 50 places on the body to treat!

A page from the manual:


A set of 52 yoga postures and exercises adapted from Kundalini Yoga. Develop strength, will power, and flexibility. Challenging and healthful.

Buryl Payne practiced yoga for 50 years and in his old age he has healthy joints and internal organs.

Only 30 sets left.

 Psychoenergetics Fitness Cards  


The Dynamic Solar System software - $29

       The Dynamic Solar System is a simple but powerful modem day  tool.    With this program you can examine the cycles of Venus, the Moon or any other planet.

      You can look in the past, the future, or just stay in present time and see what the influences of the planets are going on now.




Love & Sex Without Conflict - Planetary Chemistry of Love $10

5th Dimensional Consciousness (E-book) Read 2 free chapters online.

Quantum Theory of Love (E-book) $7

Spin Force - A Collection of Articles & Experiments (E-book) $11


General Health



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For more information please see Buryl's book:  "Magnetic Healing"on Amazon.com



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