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Why our magnetic pulsars are unique?

Magnetic testing of all glands and organs

With the pulsar designed by Buryl Payne you can test the energy balance of every gland and organ in the body and treat with the correct polarity.

Only Pulsars designed by Dr. Buryl Payne can be used for this important function.
With any model of the Pulsar the energy balance of every gland and organ of the body can be determined.

Is it overactive, underactive, or functioning normally?
This would cost several hundred dollars or more using traditional medical tests, if it could be done at all!
Once an analysis is made, the same Pulsar can be used to help balance all glands or organs that are out of balance.

How to do it is fully described in Buryl Payne's book called: Magnetic Healing.
Without this procedure magnetic therapy only works about half the time. For best results the proper polarity must be used.

Research on magnetic field treatments

Magnetic fields are now used to help the body heal more ailments than any other single treatment modality. A list of some ailments known to be helped by magnetic field treatments is shown below:

All acute injuries, such as breaks, burns, sprains, pains, whiplash, back injuries, etc.

All types of glandular disease

Alzheimer's disease

Anxiety attacks


Arthritis (some types)

Bladder weakness

Brain injuries


Cancer (some types)


Cerebral palsy




Fracture repair

Gall bladder disease



Kidney disease

Liver disease

Lower back pain

Multiple sclerosis

Pancreatic disease

Premenstrual cramps

Prostate disease

Sinus congestion

Stiff shoulder

Spleen malfunction

Stomach upsets

Temper tantrums



Vertigo (some conditions)

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

How Pulsars are Used in Practice

Pulsars Oxygenate the Blood

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about magnetic therapy

The Importance of Magnetic Fields

Read article published in A Woman's Guide To Optimal Health & Balance.

Ten Ailments That Could be Helped by Biomagnetic Therapy.

Psychic Research -- Expanding the Limits, an article by Buryl Payne, Ph.D.




Magnetic Power Pulsar
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Brain Harmonizer
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Master Brain Linker
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