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Psychophysics is an old name for the measurements of human senses. Since Buryl Payne is educated both as a psychologist and a physicist, he named his company PsychoPhysics Labs.

Buryl and friends designed the first brain wave biofeedback instruments and put them on the market in 1968. In 1981 magnetic pulsars were designed, manufactured and marketed. He designed low cost Pulsed Magnetic Field devices patterned after more expensive instruments in use in Europe.

With a knack for making complicated things simple, Buryl discovered a very simple device that can be used to measure some kind of 'energy field' around the human body in 1978, which has been developed into the notion of a 'spin force' described in his book, The Spin Force.


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Please see my book for more information:

Magnetic Healing- Advanced Techniques for the Application of Magnetic Forces

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