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Pulsars can help more ailments than most anything else for less cost.

With the Pulsar you can test the energy balance of every gland and organ in the body. And follow up with using the same instrument to help them come into balance. Each Power Pulsar and Pocket Pulsar comes with a full set of instruction on how to do this. Only Pulsars designed by Buryl Payne can be used for this purpose.


The most powerful magnetic field generator available from PsychoPhysics Labs.

Easy Magnetic Polarity Reversal

Battery Operated - No 60 cycle leakage

Two Pulse Rate Settings - 8 & 16 cycles

Two Applicators Provided - small & LARGE


Packed  in  a  sturdy  case  about  the  size  of  a  laptop computer,  this  amazing  unit  is  powered  by  a  heavy  duty  7 amp   hour,    lead-acid,   rechargeable   battery   (charger included),  which  gives  a  clean  magnetic  pulse  (modified square wave).

Price: $1190, $30 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S

Purchase at Turbomagnetics.

The instructions for how and where to test the energy balance of each gland and organ are included with each model pulsar.


The POWER PULSAR offers two pulse rate settings:

1.)    8 times a second (7.83)--the Shuman frequency, believed to be optimum for harmony.
2.)  16 times a second, found by experiment to maximize oxygen absorption and blood flow.

It comes equipped with two applicators:

1.)    9" diameter flexible open-coil.
2.)    1" diameter pad.

Custom-designed coils can be made for special applications.

Price: $1190, $30 shipping to the Continental U.S.

Purchase at Turbomagnetics.

* Lease this powerful instrument for only $50 for two weeks! The full purchase price is required as a deposit. * Lease fee applies toward later purchase.

The POWER PULSAR is indefinitely guaranteed.

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The Power Pulsar is now being manufactured in an improved version by Turbomagnetics.

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