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       This booklet is about the study of the Sun and humanity’s interaction with it.  Ancient people worshiped the Sun and recognized it as the source of all life. Over time, this knowledge was forgotten and ignored in the search for day to day land resources and people to conquer.  Humans have acquired beliefs in lesser powers while the Sun, our source of all life, continues to bathe the Earth in its radiance, giving warmth and life. 
       This paper, based on the work of many others, illustrates that humans owe their existence to the Sun’s radiance and yet we humans by organized thought, can affect processes of the Sun.  This booklet gives the evidence and implies that human consciousness has reached another step, that of being a partner with the Sun, in living together in this solar system. The work described in this booklet can help all humankind advance to that level.  Is it an end? The Omega Point in evolution described by de Chardin? Or is it another beginning?


Three separate studies of the effects of meditation were analyzed.
1. The first experiment involved attempting to lift the space station called “Sky lab” into a higher orbit.  The unexpected results showed that sunspot numbers decreased about 30%.  The density of the atmosphere became less, and the space station stayed in orbit about two weeks longer than predicted, crashing harmlessly into the ocean.
2. The second experiment involved asking people around the planet to meditate on primarily four dates each year; solstices and equinoxes. Known as “The Global Meditation Project”, it started in 1984 and continued until mid 1988.  On the day of the meditations or immediately afterwards, sunspot numbers significantly decreased nearly every time.
3. The third analysis was of sunspot numbers at or immediately after full Moon meditations done by groups around the globe.  The data again showed consistent reductions in sunspot numbers at the times of the meditations or just after.   


The projects, carried out over 30 years, clearly shows that meditations are associated with reduced sunspot numbers.  This may represent a quantum leap in human consciousness leading to the formation of a new kind of metaconscious entity on Earth.


            Warring behavior is not human nature. Wars are often started by some people who have a temporary hormone imbalance produced by heightened sunspot numbers and the resulting geomagnetic fluctuations. This increased solar activity can be predicted by noticing when two or more planets are heliocentrically conjunct (in alignment with the Sun) and relatively near the Earth.

Wars could be called a mass psychosis or a new form of disease not caused by bacteria or a virus!  Wars are unsane behavior.

 Can Mass Human Meditations Calm Solar Activity?

 Don’t believe this?  Neither did I forty years ago.  But being open minded and trained in the methodology of science, I was lead to do experiments that clearly demonstrated it.  Please read on.

"THE POWER OF NON THOUGHT" e-book is available on Amazon.






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