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Dynamic Solar System Software

Easily predict good and bad times for everyone.
Times of international tensions; times for doing business, times for launching new business ventures.

The solar system is graphically represented in color on a logarithmic scale. This enables the planetary orbits to be seen at a glance. When the program is brought up the solar system is automatically shown for the current date. It can be set in motion at any speed, forwards or backwards and can be set for any date from 10,000 years in the past to 10,000 years in the future.

The planets will move faster or slower at your command. Both the heliocentric and geocentric positions are given to the nearest degree at the click of the mouse.

A lengthy text on the disc, written by Dr. Buryl Payne, explains the connections between planetary positions, solar activity, and geomagnetism.

Every astrologer who has seen this program loves it! One of the top scientists at NASA who purchased this program says it's easier to use than his supposedly more sophisticated (and much more expensive!) program.

If you are doing research or just looking for when the poles might flip, this program is better than the cat's pajamas! Your kids will love it too.

You can see where the planets were at your birth, at the birth of Jesus Christ, in the year 2052 when many planets align at once, or quickly determine when a certain pattern of the planets last repeated or will repeat in the future. You see, for example, that the highly touted May 5, 2000 date was nothing special. Look at March 20, 2012!

It's fun; it's educational. Astrologers can get a picture of the planets that will deepen their understanding of their studies far beyond the use of mere numbers from what a table can give. Using this program will enlarge your consciousness from Spaceship Earth to the entire solar system, which works as a dynamic whole.

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