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Detecting Emanations from the Planets and Stars

The Stove Pipe device, called the Moon Gun by my friends, is simply a six foot tube of six inch diameter stove pipe available at any large hardware store.  In use, it is mounted on a tripod and pointed at a celestial body.  One end of the stove pipe has a funnel with a flexible spout wired to it to direct the emanations into water bottles.

Emanations, radiations, vibrations, light waves, spin vortices, or what ever one wishes to call them are apparently emitted by heavenly bodies.  When the Moon Gun is pointed at the Sun, Moon, or visible planets, sometimes there is a noticeable change in taste of water collected in a bottle hung at the end of the funnel.  Sometimes drinking the water produces psychological effects.  The full Moon water does not taste good, Sun water makes people sleepy, Venus emanations produce happy, tipsy, or mildly erotic effects.  Jupiter emanations taste of sulfur and appear to have healing effects.

In the beginning I used a homemade tripod.  Later I purchased a 6 inch refractor with a sturdy stand and clock drive.  I mounted the stovepipe right on top of the telescope and used the telescope to help align the moon gun on the planets of interest.  Changes in the water occurred in about twenty minutes.  Different versions of the Moon Gun were made.  All of them worked.

Years later I discovered a company in Boulder, Colorado that sells star ‘elixirs’ or homeopathic patterns of water treated by light or emanations from specific distant stars.

These two simple devices show that we are influenced by the positions of the planets, directly from their emanations and indirectly by solar/geomagnetic activity associated with their positions. We resonate together. Our moods are connected with one another and probably every living organism near us as well.  We are all in “Mrs. Murphy’s chowder pot”.


Payne, Buryl. An Apparatus For Detecting Emanations From Planets. Journal of Borderland Research, Nov/Dec 1990, pp. 7-11.


The software program which shows planetary positions is for sale for $60.
It is very flexible and easy to use.  Anytime within 10,000 years in the past and 10,000 years in the future can be examined.
At the click of a mouse, geocentric and heliocentric degrees are displayed.
It comes with a text explaining how Solar Activity is predicted.  One geophysicist, Rhodes Fairbridge, said it was better and easier to use than his more expensive astronomical programs.

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