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About 15% to 95% of human behavior is determined by planetary emanations and positions. The Moon amplifies planetary emanations if it is aligned with them. Each month on this site a diagram of the present solar system will be shown and some general predictions made of solar activity. Then at the end of the month the diagram will be placed in a previous month's file along with a graph of solar activity, predictions and errors made, so that a brief inspection will show the accuracy of the predictions. This is general influences for the entire Earth. On top of that individuals will have daily ups and downs depending on the resonance with the particular positions of their own horoscopes (which is probably recorded somehow within the body from birth.)

Solar activity changes daily.  Streams of particles from the Sun, called the solar wind, impinge on Earth's atmosphere and cause changes in Earth's magnetic field.  Although seemingly very small, they are enough to trigger changes in brain waves and hormones and therefore affect behavior.

The light reflected from planets affects the water.  Our bodies are about 65% water and we drink water.  The taste is often slightly altered.  Psychophysical effects are sometimes observed.  Here is a summary of an article published in The Journal of Borderland Research.  Also in the appendix of The Spin Force book.

When planets are nearer the Earth, and the Moon is aligned with them, the geomagnetic field is also affected which in turn affects the sensitive human organism.

These effects can be readily perceived by any careful observer. You can get more information about planetary

influences on your life from:            



Click here for example of illustration shown in the Dynamic Solar System.

The software program which shows planetary positions is for sale for $27.
It is very flexible and easy to use.  Anytime within 10,000 years in the past and 10,000 years in the future can be examined.
At the click of a mouse, geocentric and heliocentric degrees are displayed.
It comes with a text explaining how Solar Activity is predicted.  One geophysicist, Rhodes Fairbridge, said it was better and easier to use than his more expensive astronomical programs.

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