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Planetary Influences

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Earth is not alone. It is part of a dynamic solar system of 9 planets, the sun, and the moon. Space is filled with particles and radiations, bathing the Earth and it's inhabitants.

The book describes some of these once known planetary influences and its rediscovery by the new scientific tools. Buryl Payne gives examples and explains how planets influence each other. The book shows data that earthquakes, volcanic activity, weather, wars on Earth are influences by changes in planetary positions.

Planetary positions are associated with the formation of sunspots. And alignments of the Moon with planets are associated with geomagnetic storms if other planets are in closest positions to the Earth.

You will find explanations why disaster did not happen in December 2012 as it was expected by many astrologers.

The book also talks about one of the largest experiments in the recent history, which revealed yet another force, the force of thought.


Unsolicited comments from my readers…

 “Influences" continues to be fascinating reading.  Been sharing the book with my wife who is an accomplished astrologer and intuitive counselor and we're both struck by the "quiet" pearls nestled in this most timely writing.  'This is a beautiful mixture of science and spirit.

What a great presentation!! I have learned a great deal  and now understand the cause of some situations I have observed!! I am going to purchase the Dynamic Solar System software so I can explore this topic even further.

I highly recommend the book and I've studied astrology for eons. As a former editor of Heliogram, a newsletter on heliocentric astrology, I have been very aware of the relationship of helio patterns to geologic activity as well as market activity.

The first six chapters are fascinating and have made me hungry for the last two.

Just wanted to let you know that I have downloaded and reviewed chapter 7. Again all looks great and I am looking forward to the remaining chapters!!

I love your book..

I love your diagrams.

I enjoyed the book, it was very good...interesting, enlightening.

I am reading Chapter Two now. I think astrologers everywhere would appreciate your book and contribution to this subject, especially in these times where there seems to be one emergency after another.

Just wanted to let you know that I have downloaded and reviewed chapter 8. This has been an eye opener!! 

Truthfully, VIII was is beautiful conclusion to this shared part of your "journey".

Very interesting read. Thanks again!

Your book is simply delightful and really makes reading science fun.

I loved the book by the way. Did a meditation last night.

What a great program! I really like the ability to adjust the speed of rotation.


 For thousands of years, many people have claimed that planets influence events on Earth. Other people have said this was superstition. No known mechanisms whereby distant planets could affect Earth were known.

Now, with sensitive instruments and rockets that can travel high above the Earth, as well as orbiting satellites than can make nearly continuous observations, it has been discovered that Earth has a highly variable magnetic field and is radiated continuously and variably by the Sun with streams of electrons and protons and other particles, called ‘the solar wind’.

Observations have shown that both the Sun’s activity and the variations in Earth’s magnetic field are altered by the positions of the planets. This provides a physical mechanism which links the planets to events on Earth.

I have observed links with some weather patterns, human personal behavior, and human mass behavior.

Links have been found to earthquakes, and links with volcanic eruptions are now being established. Ancient astrologers were right and modem scientific methods and instruments are helping to validate many of their initial observations.

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Sometime there will be big Earthquakes say many geologists and geophysicists, and many psychics. No one knows when.

Narrow specialists miss an important factor: the positions of the planets in the solar system. This is not astrology; it is simple astronomy. What happens on Earth is related to where the planets are in the solar system and the activity of the Sun.

It is not Space Ship Earth - it is the entire solar system, a dynamic system, with continuous interactions. By enlarging the context in which human behavior and natural disasters on Earth happen, new ways of predicting and dealing with these potential calamities emerge.


This book explores some of my observations and those of other people. There is no end to it. It is more fascinating than any cross word puzzle and has important usefulness for everyday life.


Table of Contents

Chapter I. Venus and the Mayans

Chapter II. Planets and the Weather

Chapter III. Planets and Earthquakes

Chapter IV. Planets and Volcanoes

Chapter V. Planets and the Moon

Chapter VI. Planets and Wars

Chapter VII. Planets and Solar Activity

Chapter VIII. Transcending Planetary Influences


About the Author


Buryl Payne has a Ph. D. in psychology and an M.S. in physics and he was a professor at Boston University. Having wide spectrum of interests, sharp inquisitive mind, and creative nature Buryl, never stops working and looking for the ways to free human spirit and body.

He has written series of books on magnetic healing and other topics.

You have probably eaten one of his ideas if you tried General Mills Granola Bars.

Buryl started the first biofeedback company, patented one type of biofeedback and licensed it to Radio Shack. He discovered a force around the body which is much larger and different from electrical, thermal, or magnetic forces.

For many years Buryl has been directing a company which produces simple inexpensive pulsed magnetic field generators to help heal the body.

The author discovered an important connection between wars and solar cycles and helped organize global meditations which reduced solar activity.

Curious about everything, Buryl discovered emanations from planets that affect the taste of water and that, when drunk, sometimes produces psycho-physiological effects.  

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 Report on September-October Full Moon Meditation and it's association with solar activity reduction.

        Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus lined up on one side and Mercury joined the alignment on the other side of the Sun on 10/9/10.  Plus the Earth, Sun, and Saturn just lined up on 10/8/10  Earth is near line up and the Moon is conjunct Venus.  As Venus moves even closer to Earth, there could be quakes off the Oregon coast. We don’t need a big, destructive one so please send a little thought power to calm things down: two or one days before 10/10 if you would.

        High solar activity was expected for September 20-24.   I would have expected geomagnetic activity to also be high since the full Moon was aligned with both Jupiter and Uranus. Maybe the meditations helped. It sure was beautiful and extraordinarily hot here for several days, though I guess it was pretty rainy in the East.
It’s hard to say that one time solar activity was low due to meditations, but backing that up is the data of the Skylab meditation and the many dips in solar activity of the peace meditation project as described in Chapter VIII of my book “Planetary Influences on the Earth”.

Similar results were observed during the Full Moon Meditation in September and October 2010. Everybody invited to join in for the Full Moon Meditation every month. Next meditation is on November 19, 2010.

This is a step towards unity of consciousness on Earth, regardless of religion, race, politics, or place of residence.

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