Spiritual Meditation


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Enhance Your Psychic Abilities


Do you want to be more telepathic? It’s easy. Use the SCM, either model.

Connect one person to to the Skin Conductance Monitor(SCM). Ask them to sit in the other room silently think loving thoughts directed towards them.

This may be done by a small group.

About one person in seven demonstrates receptivity.

Use the Brain Harmonizer as another way to demonstrate and train telepathic ability. You will need to buy a pair of them for this.

Picture 1. Photo of a couple with a Brain Harmonizer on each person a thought cloud over each person with a cute drawing



Picture 3.One person in a Biofield Meter (hanging pyramid frame).

One person (the subject) sits in another room with a Biofield Meter over his or her head, after the initial movement comes to a stop, person in other room (which may be up to 3,000sand distant ) thinks or sends a thought to the subject. sometime within a half hour

a, fter the Biofield mETER HAS CALMED DOWN.

watch the biofield ?eterrotate.rotate. Notice and record the iflitial

movement, see the book:the Spin Effect for more information put photo and description here and give directions to buy it

I fo you meditate, you may improve your telepathic skills by

applied meditation techniques to be found in the book:

Applied Meditation (put picture of cover and description here)



Wwhare to buy~tt,





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