Dr. Buryl Payne






New Direction for Humanity

The The United State’s defense budget is 863.5 billion dollars this year. The rest of the world combined spends another trillion. If only 33% (approximately 287 billion dollars) of the people working on defense were put to work on improving living standards such as desalting water, improving solar cells, or improving food growing procedures, etc. some wonderful improvements and discoveries might be made.

It now appears that warring behavior is a kind of mass paranoia or psychopathology induced in some people by solar and/or geomagnetic activity as well as other outside influences. The enemy is not them or us, it is the solar activity! With knowledge and forewarning people can be careful, and choose to act differently. There is no need to have a huge defense budget to create more and bigger weapons.

It’s time to disarm! The money and creativity of humans is needed elsewhere. The Academy of Peace Research invites people to design logos, create art, and write songs or poems that will resonant with the hearts and minds of everyone. Send them to the Academy. They will be posted and sent around the world.

Please support this work by buying a copy of The Quantum Theory of Love for $7 and practicing it!

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