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          The use of magnetic treatments to extend life span has been informally researched for many years, with enough positive results reported to make this topic worth serious consideration. Fifteen years of personal use has convinced me of its value.

          Whether or not magnetic treatments (of the proper type) can actually extend life span or merely improve health remains unknown but they definitely lengthen life for other living organisms.

    It's certainly an area for research. And you can participate.


          Present work on anti-aging involves the search for medicinal herbs, powerful hormones, or other substances which may alter cell chemistry or restore diminished output from one’s own glands. Of course, the standard techniques of super nutrition, exercise, and social factors to promote good psychological health are also important. However, these treatments are primarily to enhance health, not necessarily to lengthen the genetically predetermined life span (if it is predetermined) for an individual.

          The use of magnetic treatments to extend the life span of animals has been informally reported by several researchers, working independently in different decades and different countries Whether or not magnetic treatments of the proper type can actually extend the life span of humans or merely improve health remains unknown. There are enough positive results reported to definitely make this topic worth serious investigation.

          The health effects of magnetic therapy have been well researched and carefully documented by many researchers for many ailments. Magnetic therapy is probably one of the fastest growing treatment modalities. Of course, good health is a definite adjunct to living at least up to the maximum possible life span.

          Since I have been making and using magnetic instruments and devices for many years I know from personal experience that:

1. They are very helpful for getting rid of aches and pains and increasing energy and flexibility.
2. There are rarely any unpleasant side effects.

          What Causes Aging?

          Internal Biological Cocks

          One of the popular beliefs about aging rests on the notion that there is an internal biological clock which dictates that cells only divide so many times and then quit. People have looked for such a mechanism within the body and found one possible candidate: the successive loss of a section of DNA with each cell division. When all the sections are used up, the cell stops dividing usually after about fifty times. It is known that DNA molecules build by hydrogen bonding of proteins to one another. It is also known that hydrogen bonds are influenced by magnetic fields which act directly on the hydrogen proton.

           It may be that the change in the hydrogen precession frequency produced by magnetic fields somehow affects hydrogen bonding. That such a change occurs with the resultant production of minute radio signals has been known for over 100 years and is the basis for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Every cell in the body carries two copies of the DNA genetic code which may include the life span code. To reset this may require some sophisticated technology similar to MRI techniques. This is one subject for further applied research.

          External Biological Cocks

           Another type of biological clock that affects the aging process may be external to the body. If that is so, then the geomagnetic field might be involved. Planetary cycles and positions correlate with minute changes in Earth’s magnetic field which in turn affect our hormone production and brain wave patterns. Changes in the geomagnetic field have been shown to affect all living organisms. It’s possible that external magnetic cycles, such as the 84 year cycle of Uranus, could act upon sensitive cells or sections of DNA which have been set aside to act as biological clocks, If so, perhaps this clock, or clocks, could be reset by the application of specially constructed magnetic fields.

          Hormone Production

           Another proposed mechanism for aging is believed to be the decrease in specific hormones such as human growth hormone, DHEA, gluco and mineral corticoids, etc.

         It is known that magnetic fields produced in the laboratory can increase the production of some hormones. It is presently not known if artificial magnetic fields can increase the production of DHEA or human growth hormone. Geomagnetic cycles, following planetary patterns, could actupon sensitive triggering cells or sections of DNA, or hormone master cells, which function as biological clocks. If so, they may perhaps be reset by the application of the proper magnetic forces. This is definitely another topic for experimental investigation.

          Psychological Factors

          Mind, or intention; may have some effect on the biological clock as well as the application of artificial magnetic fields. An important part of the youthing process involves the frequent use of hypnosis, or more accurately de-hypnosis. It is important to uncover and cancel preconscious beliefs about aging. For example, people often set themselves to die around the age that their parents died and program their bodies to become ill and cease functioning.

Youthing Procedures Using Magnetic Fields

          My present hypothesis is that the endocrine glands of the body need to be analyzed and corrected if any of them are out of balance, before attempting to reset the biological clock (if there is such a mechanism).

          Step 1: The activity of each gland and organ in the body must be magnetically balanced. A gland is magnetically balanced if it is not in need for magnetic north or magnetic south treatment. That indicates the gland is functioning normally.

          Step 2: Any weak or injured parts of the body should be treated magnetically and by other means.

          When those two aspects have been corrected, at least to some extent, then the body is ready for the next and key process of magnetic reprogramming.

        Step 3: Treatment of the whole body with permanent and pulsed electromagnets. The whole body may need to be magnetically neutral before an attempt is made to reset the biological clocks. Treatment may require assistants.

          These three steps are discussed in more detail in the following sections.

Research on Longevity

          Animal Studies

           At least five laboratory studies have been done on animals showing an increase in life span of about 30 percent.

          1. Early studies on mice by Dr. S. Alexander of the North American Aviation Corporation showed decreased cancer susceptibility in mice and an increase in their life span up to 45% when they were treated with magnets (polarity, intensity, and duration unspecified in my abstract of this early study).

          2. Dr. Hajime Okae of Kyorin University, Tokyo kept mice in a magnetic field of 4200 Gauss (polarity unspecified) for 59 days. After being removed from the magnetic field, they lived to an average age of 400 days, almost one-third longer than their typical life span of 308 days. In another test, he took blood samples of the magnetically treated mice and found that the red blood cells survived in culture for an average of 120 days, as opposed to those of untreated mice at 70-100 days.

          3. In India another researcher, using a different breed of mice, stated that they grew old in about 400 days, dying a few months later. Upon the appearance of aging symptoms, the mice were treated with a magnetic field of 3000 to 4200 gauss (polarity not specified) for one hour, morning and evening, daily for three or four months. They gained weight, became as active as before, and appeared 6 to 8 months old. A 250 day old mouse lived to an age of 615 days in good health after the treatment.

          4. Early pioneers in magnetism and health, Albert Davis and Walter Rawls, reported that mice and rats lived longer if exposed to the stimulating biosouth magnetic pole and if they weren't allowed to copulate. Davis and Rawls also claimed that mice exposed to the calming bionorth pole showed an increase in life span. In mature rodents, they found that exposure of the testicles to the stimulating biosouth polarity resulted in more sperm production, more sexual activity, and a shorter life span.

          Many other experiments were done by Davis and Rawls on chickens, worms, and other animals. All living organisms respond in a similar manner to magnetic fields. Similar experiments were done on plants with positive results on seed yield, vitality and growth. Biological activity is clearly enhanced by magnetic fields of the proper polarity. General principles and findings have emerged and been replicated by other researchers.

          For instance, two Chinese acupuncturists, Minda Hsu and Chikuo Fong, reported an experiment on extending the life of tadpoles. Five each were placed in water filled glass beakers. One beaker was treated with a magnetic field of 800 gauss (polarity not specified) and the other was not treated. No food was given to the tadpoles. The ones in the magnetically treated beaker lived an average of 27 days, compared to 21 days for the tadpoles that were not treated.

          According to Hsu and Fong mice placed in a cage shielded from Earth's natural magnetism died sooner than a control group.

          Plant Studies

           Many studies indicate that magnetic treatments increase plant growth, though I don't know of any on plant longevity. I found that two flowers grew twice as tall as a non treated control when treated continuously with the biosouth polarity. Wheat grass sprouts grew two inches tall in about five days compared with a non-stimulated control which scarcely sprouted during the same time (cool fall days).

One woman treated a houseplant she thought had died with a Magnetic Power Pad. In days it began to sprout leaves again. The list could go for pages. Plants thrive on increased magnetic force.
Magnetism and Humans

Magnetic treatments definitely help people live healthier lives; this has been amply researched and demonstrated. Since the application of magnetic fields can prolong the life span of laboratory animals, it's likely that magnetic treatments will also help humans live longer too.

Magnetic treatments are routinely used in European, Asian, Indian, and Mexican health clinics. Only the United States lags in this area. Magnetic therapy is fast becoming one of the least expensive and most effective treatment modalities. I believe it is effective because it works at the subatomic level, rather than the molecular, as do traditional allopathic medicines. Magnetic treatments help rebalance the body chemistry and thereby help many different ailments ranging from arthritis to cancer to smoothing wrinkles. Magnetic treatments are simple to use and seldom produce any side effects.

Dr. Kenneth MacLean (now deceased), founder of the Institute of Biomagnetics in New York, experimented on himself for many years, using a mechanically rotating permanent magnet. He was observed to look much younger than his chronological age and retained his youthful hair color into his 60's. He also noticed that elderly people treated with his strong electromagnets showed a darkening of their white hair, got rid of cancer tumors, and became more energetic.

I recently met a man who knew Dr. MacLean and he affirmed that MacLean's hair was indeed dark and that he looked and acted much younger than his years. An acquaintance also experienced the device and reported that it gave him an extraordinary amount of energy for hours after the treatment.

As people age their hormone production declines. Recently, replacing these hormones has become a standard treatment. Laboratory studies have shown that glands can be stimulated to produce more hormones with the aid of magnetic fields. A few formal and some informal reports exist on this topic. More research is needed. Can DHEA, human growth hormone, testosterone, and other significant hormones be increased by magnetic fields of the appropriate polarity, wave form and pulse rate? Probably.

Magnets, both permanent and electromagnets can be applied anywhere on the body to improve health or help the body repair injuries and heal many ailments. Early treatment is important. Details are given in the author's books (see references). Whole body treatments that might reset the bodies biological clocks can be given by magnetic beds.

          Electromagnetic Beds

          The type I designed consists of a coil which is placed around a bed and plugged into an electronic circuit box to produce pulsing magnetic fields of the desired polarity and frequency. It gives the user more choices and the entire body can be treated with one fairly homogeneous magnetic force direction. Pulsing magnetic fields have stronger biological effects than permanent or static magnets

          In my experience, magnetic beds increase flexibility and energy. I have observed that older people benefit the most from magnetic treatments.

          Research in this area is just beginning. I plan to set up a research laboratory to test specific frequencies and intensities of magnetic fields in order to find those which are most beneficial, and to search for the unique frequencies which could reset biological clocks.
There is no question that magnetism is beneficial and helps promote health, flexibility, hormone production, and general energy. It is only a matter of finding the optimum parameters that will help promote the youthing process Seminars and workshops will be held in Santa Cruz and other places as this work develops.

          People who wish to experiment on themselves can do so without fear of harmful side effects as long as they do not have any cancer tumors (which should only be treated with bionorth polarity).

          Researchers are needed to test these beds and other whole body treatment devices as they become available. General purpose beds have been designed so that the user can experiment with several different wave forms and pulse rates. Anyone who purchases an electromagnetic bed will be invited to participate in the research and those who do so will receive a rebate on the purchase price. Observations and experiences of the users will be collated and organized and published on this web site so everyone can benefit as quickly as possible.

         What’s Available Now

          Magnets, both permanent and electromagnets can be applied anywhere on the body to improve health or help the body repair injuries and heal many ailments Many different companies now supply magnets and garments with magnets sewn in. Permanent magnets may also be purchased from industrial supply houses. Early treatment of ailments is important. Procedures and principles of specific treatments are given in books (see references). While the application of magnets to specific areas of the body may speed up natural healing, it’s desirable to treat the body as a whole to make a significant difference in life span.

          Magnetic Power Pulsars

          Electronically generated magnetic fields may be pulsed or static and produced in thousands of waveforms, pulse rates, and intensities. Coils applied to the body may be tiny enough to stimulate acupuncture points or large enough to surround the whole body. Most of the research reported in mainstream journals has used electronically generated pulsed magnetic fields.

          The Power Pulsar, the most powerful magnetic generator available from PsychoPhysics, is used for effective pain relief and for rebalancing the endocrine system. With the knowledge supplied with the Electronic Muscle Tester one can determine proper polarity to be used in any application. This speeds up recovery time. No other Magnetic Pulsars manufacturers use this knowledge which is more important than strength or pulse rate.

          The Power Pulsar offers two pulse rate settings: 8 times a second (7.83) - the frequency, believed to be optimum for harmony, and l6 times a second, found by experiment to maximize oxygen absorption and blood flow.

          Permanent Magnet Beds

          Whole body treatments that might reset the bodies biological clocks or increase life span by other, presently unknown means, can be given by magnetic beds. Several types are on the market. Although they differ in price and quality, they all use magnets in some form of mattress pad. Many of the beds are made by placing commonly available rectangular blocks about the size of thick dominos in the pad. Usually one magnetic force direction (called bionorth) is directed into the body. Most pads can be turned over to apply biosouth to the body which is the polarity that produces the greatest growth in plants.

          Electromagnetic Beds

          One inexpensive type consists of a coil which is placed around a bed and plugged into an electronic circuit box to produce pulsing magnetic fields of the desired polarity and frequency. It gives the user more choices and the entire body can be treated with one fairly homogeneous magnetic force direction.

          Magnetic beds seem to increase flexibility and energy. Many other people report sleeping more soundly as well. Older people often benefit the most from magnetic treatments.

          The Magnetism and Youthing Foundation is being set up in Santa Cruz, California, by Buryl Payne, Ph.D. In addition to engaging in fundamental research on the biophysics of magnetic forces and life, the Foundation will oversee an active research program, has already begun publishing a quarterly newsletter and is planning to maintain an active web site. Anyone can participate in the outreach research program. People who wish to experiment on themselves can do so without fear of harmful side effects as long as they do not have any cancer tumors (which should only be treated with bionorth polarity).

          Researchers are needed to test these beds and other whole body treatment devices as they become available. General purpose electro-magnetic beds have been designed so that the user can experiment with several different wave forms and pulse rates. See the newsletter for details.

          Seminars and workshops will be held in Santa Cruz and other places as this work develops. These seminars will address the areas of psychological factors, instruct participants in special exercises, and give them opportunities to try the latest magnetic technologies.

          To find out how you can participate please write Buryl.Payne@gmail.com



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