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As the experts say, "Magnetic Field Therapy as a new procedure, is the Medicine of the future." "They are safe, cheap, and effective in treatment of disease from heart, pain, skin, tissue, and bone regeneration, nerve and spinal cord regeneration to cancer."


Magnetic fields are everywhere. There are all types of waveforms, intensities, and frequencies. Magnetic fields bathe the whole Earth and have significant effects on living organisms. Magnetic fields cannot be felt, sensed, or seen like patterns of light, or heard like sounds, so their biological effects have largely gone unnoticed. But there is a lot to learn about magnetism and its relationship to the whole Earth, the Sun, the planets, and all the stars and galaxies.

Did you know, for example, that magnetism is of so much interest to scientists and some branches of governments of the world that there has been international coordination of magnetic field measurements of the Earth for almost two hundred years! Not a long time, but that is because sensitive instruments for measuring magnetic fields have only been around that long.

Did you know that there are special magnetic observatories located all over the Earth and that there have been dedicated scientists that have devoted their entire careers to just making careful measurements of Earth’s magnetic field, and recording them faithfully year after year so that other people can make use of them. And these scientists, now, and two hundred years ago, had no inkling of the importance of magnetism on living things.

Even today most scientists studying magnetism in industry, in astronomical observatories, and government laboratories do not realize the powerful influences that magnetic fields have on human behavior; they are mostly concerned about the possible effects of magnetic fields on communications instruments.

Former President Reagan had one of the satellites which was designed to study the Sun shot down for target practice! This was ironic indeed, since Solar activity appears to be one of the most salient factors in triggering wars. See Academy for Peace Research.

As you read these words, satellites are floating overhead measuring magnetic fields of Earth. For instance there satellites called GOES (Geosynchronous Orbiting Earth Satellites) which have provided continuous magnetometer data since July l971. Usually two GOES satellites operate simultaneously, but at this time there is only one. They float about 28,000 miles out in space, their speed exactly synchronized with Earth’s rotation rate so that they don’t appear to move at all. They are usually located at 75° and 135° west longitude. Their distance from Earth allows continuous day and night observation of the Sun.

The magnetic sensors on these satellites consist of a pair of little spinning coils. When a coil of wire moves in a magnetic field the electrons in the moving wires are pushed to and fro. Since they cannot escape from the wires, they produce what we call an electric current. This tiny current is detected by amplifiers in the satellite and the resultant voltages gives a continuous measure of the intensity of Earth’s magnetic field.

The measurements provide the field intensity in three directions: parallel to Earth’s surface in a north—south direction, parallel to Earth’s surface in the east—west direction and in the up—down or in—out direction. Field strength changes as small as 2 millionths of a gauss can be measured by these sensors. Incredible as it seems, human beings may be sensitive to changes of this magnitude.

The GOES satellites also have detectors for protons and electrons emitted by the Sun (the solar wind). It’s important to detect and measure the flow of these particles because they can interfere with satellite instruments, or injure astronauts or passengers in high—altitude aircraft. They can also influence the weather and cause magnetic storms.

X—rays from the Sun are also measured by an ion chamber placed aboard the GOES satellites. X—rays often indicate the start of solar flares which tells us that electrons and protons will be whizzing by in a day or two.

Apparently all the stars have magnetic fields, some of them are more than 1,000 times as strong as the Sun’s. Could these distant magnetic fields affect life on Earth? It may be no coincidence that the stars known as PULSARS have strong magnetic fields and most of these PULSARS pulse at frequencies in the brain wave range from 4 to 30 Hz. Since we can detect magnetic fields with our instruments, perhaps people can detect them too. After all, we are the most complex, most sensitive, ‘machines’ around.

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