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What is unique about our Magnetic Pulsars?

We emphasize the use of different polarities. We test for correct polarity for every gland or organ, for every injury and pain. Other companies and their instruments do not recognize the importance of magnetic polarities for healing. 

Do you have Allergies?         

                     Do you want to Live longer in good health?

                                   Do you have Asthma?

Is your endocrine system Out of balance? Do you have Menopause troubles?

                                                                    Do you have Arthritis?

Do you have Cramps, Back Aches, or Injuries?

                                                              Do you have Diabetes?

                       Have you Broken Bones?

                                                      Do you have Multiple Sclerosis?

Do you have High Blood Pressure?


Pulse Magnetic Therapy will help! Stop suffering now!

No pills, no side effects, except positive ones!

Pulse Magnetic Therapy will stimulate your own organs and glands.





To keep your brain and fingers young consider learning a craft.

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Unrealized Mistakes Made When Considering Magnet Therapy

Magnetism and Youthing.

Spiritual Compatibility is Important!
It is measurable, useful, and unique discovery.

Physical Sexual Compatibility.
Good sex is important, if it is not there the relationship will not endure.

Please read the book "Love and Sex Without Conflict".

For good physical health please use our Fitness Cards.


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