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Magnetic forces can help bodies maintain endocrine balance, help cell growth, enzyme activity, calcium distribution, and other bodily processes.

To insure that the benefits of magnetic forces continue, it may be necessary to feed the body properly. This, of course, means the right balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins, etc. Exercise is also important.

This is now becoming well known. In addition, and not so well known, a class of complex molecules called phytonutrients has also been found desirable for optimum health. An important subset of phytonutrients called saccharides or glyconutrients was also recognized as being extremely useful for super good health. Minimal health can still be maintained without glyconutrients, for bodies are very good at operating and can make glyconutrients or extract them in minimal amounts from fruits and vegetables but rarely enough for optimum health.

They used to be present in fresh fruit and vegetables, but current procedures of shipping and handling necessitates (at present) that the food be picked green before it fully ripens. And the desirable glyconutrients only are formed in the food when it is allowed to fully ripen.

One company, Mannetech, has patented the processes for extracting and sustaining the usefulness of glyconutrients in simple to ingest forms.

Most people who want upper health, and maximum longevity benefit from a plentiful supply of phytonutrients, and glyconutrients. These products help maintain and balance the hormone system, strengthen the immune system, and help other bodily processes operate more efficiently.

Magnetic forces work at the sub atomic level, phytonutrients, including glyconutrients, work at the molecular level.

Virtually all auto immune ailments, such as asthma, diabetes, fibromaialgia, and multiple sclerosis, as well as many other ailments benefit from supplying the body with these complex molecules.

I take them, have plenty of energy, never get sick, and have more ‘get up and go’ then ever, and I always had a lot. I intend to take them until I can grow fruit trees!

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