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2012 Full Report

December 21 is not the critical event in 2012.

June 4±2 is much more stressful.

Winter Solstice

On Dec 21, the Sun is conjunct a line which was defined by the Astronomical Union in 1958 to be the Galactic Equator.

This line was in the approximate middle of the Milky Galaxy as it was then known. Now more sensitive detectors using infrared and x-rays have found the Galactic Center, thought to be a be a super dense entity called a black hole, at a point about 5° off the previously defined Galactic Equator. The Sun does not conjunct it exactly and never will in many thousands of years. The December 21 event is similar to every winter solstice. The Sun, as seen from Earth, appears close to, but not exactly aligned with the central black hole. This has been the case every year for over two decades, and will continue to be close for more than two decades after Dec. 21, although it becomes a slight minimum in 2012.  It’s conjunction with the Galactic Center is not exact although it has been close for many years every winter solstice, or within a day or two of it.

Venus Transit

 On June 4, 2012 though, there is a real, solid, tangible event. The planet Venus transits, or goes exactly across the disk of the Sun, as seen from Earth, a rather rare event. There is a full Moon, a partial eclipse, and the Moon is closest to Earth of the month!!! These factors may greatly increase any stresses on Earth’s crust, perhaps increasing Earthquake and volcanic activity. If this happens in 2010, it will probably happen again in 2012 with increased strength. 

December 2012: A time of Celebration?

Figure 1. – Screenshot image from the Dynamic Solar System© software. December 21, 2012.

Every year in December the Sun lines up with the area of the sky where the Galactic Center is thought to be by radio wave, infrared, and x-ray astronomy. There are dark clouds over the center so it can’t be seen by optical telescopes. The Galactic Center is the Sun of all the Suns in the galaxy, called the Milky Way. Apparently every galaxy has such a center, currently thought to be a rapidly whirling super dense entity, called a black hole. Rodney Collins called the emanations from the Galactic Center the ‘Ray of Creation’, in his book: Theories of Celestial Influence. The Galactic Center is not exactly on the plane of galactic equator, as seen from Earth.  The solar ecliptic is not parallel to the Galactic Equator, but at about a 60° angle to it. The place they cross is approximately where the Sun appears to be, as seen from Earth at the times of the solstices. The Sun doesn’t line up exactly with the Galactic Center on December 21, but it’s fairly close (about 5°).


The Sun lining up with the Galactic Center is analogous to the Moon lining up with a planet. When that happens, and if the Earth is closer to the planet at that time (full Moon) the influence of the planet is larger. (according to my observations which are supported by increased geomagnetic activity measurements.)


So, when the Sun lines up with the Galactic Center, or nearly so, the influence of the emanations from the Galactic Center will be at maximum. In 2012 the Galactic Center appears to be closer to the Sun than it has been for many years, although it has appeared from Earth to be about 5° away from the Galactic Center for over ten years at every winter solstice. It reaches a minimum in 2012.  I would expect this to be positive or beneficial; a growth factor, not a malefic event at all. A super growth effect that might affect all life forms existing on all the planets of all the stars especially Earth. Although visible light cannot reach Earth from the Galactic Center due to a blocking dust cloud. Infrared, gamma rays, and X-rays can get through, though they take 30,000 years to reach Earth.


There may be another emanation that travels much faster than light. One such candidate is the “spin radiation” described in Buryl Payne’s book, The Spin Force (See references).

People think the end time is coming, because it’s the end of the Mayan Calendar. Since the Mayan Calendar is round, it doesn’t have an end. It’s more like a clock, marking cycles. People have thought December 21, 2012 to be the end of a cycle and magical things are going to happen. If so, it’s not in the planets. Figure 1 shows the solar system for that date. Earth is fairly isolated in the solar system.


There is no grand alignment on December 21, only a minor alignment of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, which happens approximately every 4.5 years.  Earth is over 100° away from it, so there won’t be any immediate super-sunspot, if any, that will fry Earth without warning, though there undoubtedly will be some solar activity a few days after December 21.


Other Events in 2012


Figure 2. – Screenshot image from the Dynamic Solar System© software. March 7, 2012.












March 7th is a possible time for international battles to be triggered. Previous research by myself and another local astrologer, uncovered the observation that wars are more likely to start when Mercury, Venus, and Mars are near Earth, and when solar activity is either on the rise, or descending.   As of August 2009 we do not know what the solar phase cycle will be in 2012. The Moon is conjunct to Mars,  Venus and Mercury are heliocentrically conjunct to the Sun and close to the Earth.

Figure 3. – Screenshot image from the Dynamic Solar System© software. April 6, 2012.


 Another stressful time for Earth is shown in Figure 3. April 6, 2012. The full Moon starts to line up with Saturn, and then lines up with Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  There will undoubtedly be more solar and geomagnetic activity no matter what the general activity or phase is of the solar cycle.


As of this writing, August 2009, solar activity is low and it is not known exactly when the solar activity will begin to rise. This data will be reported by NOAA in Boulder Colorado, and the information will be posted on my website.


Figure 4. shows a characteristic solar peak, which occurs about every 11 years, with the times of most rapid change. Geophysicist Hundhausen found this was the time of greatest geomagnetic activity. These are the times of most psychological disturbance for humans.



Figure 4. - A Typical Smoothed Sunspot Peak.

The start of battles occurrs mostly during the ascent, or descent, of sunspot activity every 11 years, when geomagnetic activity is highest. The small arrow at the bottom of the figure indicates our position in time vs. sunspot activity as of Summer 2009.  The sunspot activity is still zero.












June 4th 2012

Time to Head for the Hills????

Figure 5. –Screenshot image from the Dynamic Solar System© software. June 4, 2012.


The most stressful time may be when Venus exactly aligns (transits) the Sun, and there is a full Moon. There is a partial eclipse as well, and the Moon is at its closest monthly approach to Earth.  


In 2009 when Earth was close to Venus, there were three minor Earthquakes and two volcanic eruptions plus flooding in the mid-west. In October of 2010 when Venus overtakes Earth watch what happens. If nothing, then June, 2012 will be not much. If something disastrous happens, then watch out for June, 2012. Some Mayans considered Venus-Earth conjunctions stressful.


Figure 5.1 – Expanded Screenshot image from the Dynamic Solar System© software. June 4, 2012.












                                      A Critical Time to Watch

                        (Sept 22nd through October 30th 2010)

Figure 6. – Screenshot image from the Dynamic Solar System© software. October 10, 2010.
















Figure 6, for October 10, 2010 shows an alignment of Earth, the full Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus. Solar activity will increase, but it may be a good time for humans. Astrologers are invited to contribute their comments on these three dates.

What’s to be done about it?

Years ago, Edgar Cayce said mass meditations would help reduce the coming stressful times anticipated to occur on Earth. Elsewhere he said mass meditations would help calm turbulence on the Sun. Mass meditations on peace carried out six times a year were organized in the early 80’s (See figure below). They clearly were associated with lower sunspot activity. More information is published on my website: www.buryl.com under Academy for Peace Research, ‘the power of thought to influence the Sun’, and linked at the end of that brief note to a more detailed report.

Full Moon Meditation 

Such meditations could be done again, perhaps every lunar month. A good time would be before the full Moons at sunset, beginning at the full Moon of December 8, 2011 and continuing every full Moon through the December solstice of 2012 and up to the full Moon of 2012 on December 27. Visualization of peace and tranquility in the meditations to reduce solar activity may calm down Gaia and soften Earthquake activity. It might be a good idea to start meditation before 2012.  The next full moon time to meditate is Sunday around sunset, on November 1st, 2009.

Figure 7.  Solar Activity associated with global meditations, 1984-1987.  (See buryl.com under ‘Academy for Peace Research’, under ‘Past Projects’ for more information.)

















Payne, Buryl, The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun,

Payne, Buryl, The Power of Collective Thought 




The Modern Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar marks cycles the Moon, especially Venus, and Mars. The Dynamic Solar System is a modern day Mayan Calendar. With this program you can examine the cycles of Venus, the Moon or any other planet. You can look in the past, the future, or just stay in present time and see what the influences of the planets are likely to be. See for yourself what are the stressful times coming in 2012 and the years before and after. It’s a wonderful tool.

It’s educational for everyone at every level from first grader to solar physicist. This modern day tool is a lot simpler to use than the Mayan Calendar. Information is given at the click of a mouse. Positions of the planets are provided as seen from Earth, or from the Sun. Anytime from the year 0 AD to 9,999 years in the future. Learn to predict some of the weather, and some of psychological influences coming your way. It’s fun to use. Easier than checking your email (no spam, and available without internet connections).

Comes with a 30 page booklet by Buryl Payne, Ph. D. physicist and psychologist. He shares his extensive knowledge of planetary influences in this booklet. Including how to predict sunspots, some weather patterns, possible earthquake times, war cycles, and a few other unique discoveries he had made by using this software program.  The first hundred people who buy this will also receive two songs composed and sung by his talented son, Jan Payne.

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