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For 2012 Transition

See buryl.com for Solar System Diagram

To Smooth the Changes

And help bring about the millennium of peace

 March 18, 2011 Pacific Standard Time Zone around sunset

A lunar eclipse. Time for "Spin the Moon" party!

And the eve of every Full Moon until 2013!

Lunar influences occur up to two days before the precise full Moon that is why we start this Gaia meditation 2 days early.

Everyone on Earth may need to help soften potential earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other adverse conditions.



Where ever you are!

Visualize a peaceful time for humans and all living organisms. Gentle, if any, Earth changes, mini earthquakes, mini volcanoes, and mellow weather. We are okay. We are all brothers and sisters.

A blanket of love surrounds the Earth and extends beyond the Moon.

Expect relatively warm days around this time because the moon also aligns with Jupiter. It will be a good time too.



Meditations for Calming the Earth


The formation of a group mind for the entire Earth is now a possibility perhaps a necessity. The internet is helping this happen. The Power of Collective Thought is now being investigated and proven in controlled laboratory studies and real life situations, plus many allegorical reports* Whether the results are due to the intervention of a god, guardian angel(s), some kind of higher being, or some kind of collective consciousness, or super power of some talented individual, is a topic that can be eternally investigated. Meanwhile, time is rushing on. World events seem more of mess than usual and rapidly increasing. Humans can’t wait for every last detail to be studied and proven We have to act now Children, with super psychic abilities, need to be encouraged and guided to help.

Decades ago Edgar Cayce, an early American psychic and prophet, said mass meditations would help ease the disasters that humans face in the coming years. He specifically said human thoughts would help calm turbulence on the Sun. World wide peace meditations in the early 80’s showed this prediction to be true. (http://buryl.com/apr_power_of_thought.htm )

We humans must act now! Not wait for more laboratory studies to be done and accepted by fussy academic scholars. Humans can’t wait for extraterrestrial beings or tribal gods to save us. Perhaps there is no Santa Claus!

It is proposed that, in addition to all the mass meditations now being proposed by many nearly every month, people around the planet may practice group coherence and using the collective power of thought at every full moon, or the evening just before the full moon until the end of 2012, especially at the potentially troublesome full Moon, eclipse of June 4-6, 2012, at the time of the Venus transit. ( 2012 Overview. )

Since sunset differs around the planet, perhaps a wave of human coherence will envelope the planet spreading calmness all over the Earth and extending even to the Sun!

It’s only a vision. Please help make it happen. Add your own visions. Many people are needed to make it happen.



Anastasia recommends – (Anastasia Book 2: The Ringing Cedars of Russia, page 58.)


- “It would be fine if a lot of people could wake up in the morning at a set time — six o’clock, say and think about something good. What specifically they think about is not important. It is important that they come out with bright thoughts. They can think about their children, about their loved ones, about how to make everyone happy. If they could only think fifteen minutes like that. And the more people that do that, the quicker the answer will come. The Earth’s tune zones may be different, since the Earth is turning, but the images created by these people’s bright yearnings will merge into a single, clear, fulfilled image of conscious aware­ness The simultaneity of bright thoughts will intensify each persons ability many, many times”


2012: A Full Report  

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