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Fighting Wars is a Mass Suicide

Why do people fight wars? It’s an unrecognized kind of mass psychosis. War preparations are paranoid.

Einstein said: “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive". The problem of wars has never been solved. Often people think problems of races, religion, land, and water rights are causes for fighting wars. These factors may have contributed in the past due to primitive, tribal, unenlightened thinking.
But by enlarging the context of warring behavior new information emerges.

WARRING BEHAVIOR IS ASSOCIATED WITH FORCES OUTSIDE THE PLANET. We are not on spaceship Earth as Bucky Fuller said, we are on one of the planets in the solar system which works as a whole. It’s a dynamic system: what happen on the Sun affects the whole, and where individual planets are in their ever changing motion is related to what happens on the Sun.
People think that there have always been wars. Not so.
This has been observed at least since Alexander Chezeskey, a Russian scientist, claimed this. He was apparently put in jail in 1942 for eight year for saying this and refusing to retract his observations. In the United States, Raymond Wheeler, a psychologist-Historian at the University of Kansas (now deceased) found nearly regular cycles of wars going back for 2,500 years. Before that he couldn’t getod data.
Edward Dewey, who started The Foundation for the Study of Cycles, statistically validated Wheeler’s work.
By looking closely at the data, I found international battles were most likely to occur when the solar activity was either ascending or descending and never at the peak.
It turns out that geomagnetic activity, which is often a function of solar activity, is highest at those times.
In the laboratory small magnetic fields have been shown to affect hormone production in people.
Furthermore I found, over many years of observation, that planetary positions are associated with solar activity.
These observations mean that the outbreaks of international battles are predictable.
What can be done about it? See buryl.com under “Academy for Peace research” under ‘past projects’


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