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Pulsed Magnetic Fields, etc.


 Ending Wars.

For hundreds of years people have been fighting wars. Books have been written. Treaties have been written and signed. Treaties have been broken. People still fight wars.

The reasons for starting wars are thought to be raced, skin valor, religion, resources such minerals, metals, trees, or food crops.

Yet no satisfactory solutions to why there are wars has been found. That may be because people have been looking in the wrong place. Causes for war are not on the Earth.

Wars are often triggered by sunspot activity. Sunspots are accompanied by solar flares, which produce geomagnetic fluctuations if they strike Earth. Some people are sensitive to such tiny magnetic fluctuations. Their brain waves are disturbed and there hormonal system may be thrown off balance. There are more crimes, accidents, heart attacks, aggravation of other ailments, including suicides and psychotic episodes. Wars may start with small incidents of violence and escalate to major battles.

Russian scientist, Alexander Chizhevsky, observed this over 100 years ago. Raymond Wheeler, professor in the United States, expanded his work to include wars going back to 2500 BC. Edward Dewey validated his data with clear statistical analysis.

I observed sunspots are formed when two or more planets align with the Sun and therefore are predictable.

Georges Gurdjieff, an influential metaphysical teacher, explains that war is the result of planetary influences. Over sixty years ago he said: "When two or three planets pass too near each other, even for a few seconds, tension results. For the planets, the tension lasts perhaps a second or two, but here on Earth, the influence causes people to slaughter one another for several years. People affected at the time feel hatred for one another and feel the need to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose; or to defend somebody or something due to exaggerated feelings of pride and nobility, or to act upon some other unrealistic and manic urge or endeavor. People fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game. They believe they are choosing their actions. But in reality, all their movements, all their actions, are the manipulation of planetary influences. The Moon plays a big part in this. It must be understood that neither the president, nor the generals, nor the ministers, nor the parliaments, signify anything or can do anything on the grandiose scale of things. Everything that happens is largely governed from outside and governed either by accidental combinations of influences or by general cosmic laws."

I have just the tool you need to make your own observations and also have found that sunspot can be reduced by global meditations. For more information see the “Dynamic Solar System”.


Warring behavior is triggered by the Sun’s activity. The Sun has nearly regular cycles. Wars often occur on the ascending or descending section of the solar cycle. A typical, idealized Sun cycle is shown below with the observed war cycles. The solar activity changes rapidly when wars start (mathematically this would be called the derivative).

Changing solar activity affects brain rhythms and hormone balance in humans, mostly in men. I call it ‘Male Macho Syndrome’ or MMS, analogous to PMS in women, often triggered by the Moon, it is a real condition. War fever is an appropriate term. War fever is infectious. One individual may infect many others.


Dr. Becker found there were more psychiatric hospital admissions during geomagnetic storms. Apparently pre psychotic people sometimes ‘flip out’ during these times. Many political leaders, especially dictators, are more apt to be somewhat psychotic, coming to their positions by murder and violence. Often politicians are more apt to become psychotic due to geomagnetic storms. It seems that one has to be a bit psychotic, anyway to want such a job! There is possibly a remedy. See Chapter VIII in Buryl’s book: “Planetary Influences on the Earth” and in "The Power of Collective Thought" book.

Einstein said: "We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." The discoveries that wars are caused by planetary positions which cause sunspots which cause geomagnetic disturbances which disturb brain rhythms and hormone balance which can make some people psychotic.

This is a new manner of thinking of which Einstein might approve.


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