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This booklet is about the study of the Sun and humanity’s interaction with it.  Ancient people worshiped the Sun and recognized it as the source of all life. Over time, this knowledge was forgotten and ignored in the search for day to day land resources and people to conquer.  Humans have acquired beliefs in lesser powers while the Sun, our source of all life, continues to bathe the Earth in its radiance, giving warmth and life. 

This paper, based on the work of many others, illustrates that humans owe their existence to the Sun’s radiance and yet we humans by organized thought, can affect processes of the Sun.  This booklet gives the evidence and implies that human consciousness has reached another step, that of being a partner with the Sun, in living together in this solar system. The work described in this booklet can help all humankind advance to that level.





you may like to apply this skill to resolve some practical or health problems. This book gives you guidance for focusing your mind on eliminating those problems. It contains the knowledge of a practical businessman, Carmen Reitano, and the psychotherapy and health practice of Buryl Payne. These procedures you won’t find in any other book . Plus, procedures for psychic development and past life techniques, which, fantasy or not, can be most useful in daily affairs.

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Quantum Theory of Love


A book by Buryl Payne, Ph.D.

A miniature booklet showing that by changing our behavior by only a quantum of 'love', however one defines love or defines a quantum of love, the world can be changed for the better. It is based on mathematics of compound interest.


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Such a simple but powerful

No philosophical platitudes,
No abstract theories,
Its easy, it feels good.
You can begin it Now!

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The software program, THE DYNAMIC SOLAR SYSTEM, will give you the tool to research planets and their influences on Earth.

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Reader's feedback

I have often said to people and in talks so many of the sentiments that you cover in your book. But you have put them all together so eloquently and yet so simply – it is wonderful.

Some years ago I was going to write a very similar LITTLE book called "The Little Book of Love". But what you’ve done is perfect.

If I could afford it, I’d buy a copy for everyone on my list. However, instead I shall strongly recommend that everyone buys a copy. That will be better for both of us.

Dr Kashonia Carnegie PhD


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