Dr. Buryl Payne

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The Brain Harmonizer

Synchronize Your Brain Hemispheres



- Stops jet lag.

- Clears fuzzy headedness.

- Stops some headaches.

- Works in minutes.

Small magnetic pulses applied by means of a lightweight coil placed around the head will soothe out of balance activity and restore equilibrium.

The Brain Harmonizer will help coordinate and harmonize brain hemisphere activity. It can be used for only a few minutes at times when your head is foggy from stress. Like magic you will be clear headed. Try it after a few too many drinks, or when you don't feel like getting up in the morning.

The magnetic pulse is only a few times the Earth's normal field. The pulses occur only once a second, close to your natural heart beat and soothing for the brain.

Powered by a nine volt battery, The Brain Harmonizer will fit in a pocket or purse and can be worn while working. Three to five minutes application is often enough to feel the difference.


The Brain Harmonizer can be used for telepathic enhancement between two people.


Here, I am (right) using the Brain Harmonizer with friends.




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