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This book is a guide for parents and teachers who are looking for a way to teach their children how to be themselves and show their natural potential as they navigate life.


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ONCE YOU HAVE LEARNED AND PRACTICED QUIETING MIND you may like to apply this skill to resolve some practical or health problems. This book gives you guidance for focusing your mind on eliminating those problems. It contains the knowledge of a practical businessman, Carmen Reitano, and the psychotherapy and health practice of Buryl Payne. These procedures you won't find in any other book . Plus, procedures for psychic development and past life techniques, which, fantasy or not, can be most useful in daily affairs.

Study Reveals Evidence of Meditation Directly Altering Gene Molecules To Reduce Stress.

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This book is about the study of the Sun and humanity's interaction with it.  Ancient people worshiped the Sun and recognized it as the source of all life. Over time, this knowledge was forgotten and ignored in the search for day to day land resources and people to conquer. 

Humans owe their existence to the Sun's radiance and yet we humans by organized thought, can affect processes of the Sun.  This book gives the evidence and implies that human consciousness has reached another step, that of being a partner with the Sun, in living together in this solar system. The work described in this booklet can help all humankind advance to that level. Read More...

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The concept of spin is considered to be an intrinsic aspect of all sub atomic particles, atoms, and molecules.  It also occurs around galaxies, stars, and planets.

I have discovered a spin force of a similar nature to be emanating from all organisms: humans, animals, and plants. 

It may be present around all living organisms.  It is not in the electromagnetic spectrum.  It can be detected with a simple and inexpensive device called Biofield Meter.

 In my book, The Spin Force - A Collection of Articles and Experiments, I describe how I came to discover this device and measure some of its properties.  I explain, in detail, how to make the apparatus and duplicate the experiments. Read more...


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Earth is not alone. It is part of a dynamic solar system of 9 planets, the sun, and the moon. Space is filled with particles and radiations, bathing the Earth and it's inhabitants.

The book describes some of these once known planetary influences and its rediscovery by the new scientific tools. Buryl Payne gives examples and explains how planets influence each other. The book shows data that earthquakes, volcanic activity, weather, wars on Earth are influences by changes in planetary positions.

Planetary positions are associated with the formation of sunspots. And alignments of the Moon with planets are associated with geomagnetic storms if other planets are in closest positions to the Earth.

You will find explanations why disaster did not happen in December 2012 as it was expected by many astrologers.

The book also talks about one of the largest experiments in the recent history, which revealed yet another force, the force of thought.


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This book describes a few of Buryl's previous inventions and discoveries, some of which are still on the market in various forms.  Some of these have made other people wealthy and many others have faded into oblivion or never even made it into group consciousness. 

Some other inventions under development now and many others have yet to be developed and may not ever manifest.  Some are too impossible or far out to create, and many others are just spring board notions that may or may not lead to anything worthwhile.

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Love & Sex Without Conflict - Planetary Chemistry of Love


 I have gathered 20 simple, but powerful and effective techniques that can help transcend planetary influences.

Generally, people don't know how much they are influenced by forces of the planets.  The same forces that trigger international battles trigger upsets between couples, between parents and children, or business partners.


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Quantum Theory of Love





A miniature booklet showing that by changing our behavior by only a quantum of 'love', however one defines love or defines a quantum of love, the world can be changed for the better. It is based on mathematics of compound interest. Read More...


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Magnetic Healing- Advanced Techniques for the Application of Magnetic Forces


 Therapy is both one of the oldest forms of medical and one of the newest. We are only just beginning to explore this remarkable healing modality, but the results are impressive. Perhaps as many as four out of live ordinary aches, pains, and common ailments are helped by proper use of magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy can help the body heal stiff necks, some headaches, premenstrual cramps. back pains, and about thirty other common and serious ailments. Few other methods of conventional Western medicine are so effective and diverse.

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The Dynamic Solar System software

       The Dynamic Solar System is a simple but powerful modem day  tool.    With this program you can examine the cycles of Venus, the Moon or any other planet.

      You can look in the past, the future, or just stay in present time and see what the influences of the planets are going on now.

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Psychoenergetics Fitness Cards  

A set of 52 yoga postures and exercises adapted from Kundalini Yoga.

Develop strength, will power, and flexibility.

Challenging and healthful, yet even beginners can do it!

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Magnetism and Youthing. Article.

The health effects of magnetic therapy have been well researched and carefully documented for many ailments by many researchers. Magnetic therapy is probably one of the fastest growing treatment modalities. Of course, good health is a definite adjunct to living longer.

The article describes known ageing mechanisms and the ways magnetic and pulsed magnetic therapy helps improve health and prevent  ageing.

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