The Spin Force – A Collection of Articles and Experiments

A book by Buryl Payne, Ph.D.

The concept of ‘spin’ is considered to be an intrinsic aspect of all sub atomic particles, atoms, and molecules.  It also occurs around galaxies, stars, and planets.

I have discovered a spin force of a similar nature to be emanating from some organisms: humans, animals, and plants. 

It may be present around all living organisms.  It is not in the electromagnetic spectrum.  It can be detected with a simple and inexpensive device called a ‘Biofield Meter’.

In my book, The Spin Force – A Collection of Articles and Experiments, I describe how I came to discover this device and measure some of it’s properties.  I explain, in detail, how to make the apparatus and duplicate the experiments.  I also report on the work of a Danish scientist who used such a device to harness electrical energy from this force.  It is suggested that the spin may be a fundamental force, replacing magnetism as a special case.

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Table of Contents

                     I.      History of the discovery

                   II.      Published papers

                  III.      How to construct a Biofield Meter

               IV.      Informal observations

                 V.      The Psychic Toy and  the Skylab Meditation

               VI.      Relation of the measured force with classical and quantum physics. Naming it a ‘spin force’

              VII.      Extracting usable power from the spin force

            VIII.      Remote healing and the Biofield: The amazing experimental discovery of Dr. Ron Hruby

               IX.      Suggestions for further Research and Theoretical speculations

                 X.      Beyond the Spin Force

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