Dr. Buryl Payne






The Bigger God

         As the universe expands, so does God, for the universe is created by God, and the Universe is the body of God.
         The universe that we detect with our telescopes is large, yet it is only a tiny fraction of all that is. The outer universe of stars and billions galaxies is only a tiny traction all the possible, but unseen universes that exist and are continuously being formed. Our limited time perception blinds us to all the possibilities that exist. Imagination ‘sees’ but instruments have not yet been devised which can detect parallel universes.

          Some scientists have just begun to realize that there are other forces which organize matter into different structures. Such forces must be present or the entire universe would eventually collapse or diffuse into nothingness.

          God is more evident in places where matter is more organized. In fact, organized matter is produced by the conscious intention of God. What we call ‘God’ seems to be this organizing ‘force.

          People look for God out there, or look for God within, yet people are a manifestation of God. So are plants and animals and all inorganic matter (which is being organized everywhere into ever more complex forms).
          For instance, every cell in the body connects to every other one. The cells receive information and send information to each other as well as up and down the hierarchy of organization. Even organizational information from outside the body may be obtained and used from other people or what people call ‘Higher Consciousness’ or ‘God’ or ‘The Holy Spirit’, ‘The Global Brain’ etc.

         Within range of our existence, within the guiding rules o our physics, chemistry, and life’s structure and cycles, we have free will. So does every other person, plant, animal, rock, molecule, atom, planet, star, galaxy and galactic cluster, as well as worlds of all possibilities. It may be imagined, though not wholly grasped by our tiny minds. It can be felt.

          Helping other aspects of God flower is one aspect of what we call ‘love’.



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