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Section One

Global Thought Projects

Cycles of Wars & Solar Activity



*Cycles of Wars; Cycles of Mass Psychosis

             Research, by others, has established that warring behavior occurs in regular cycles related to solar cycles. Warring behavior, clearly a human pathology, is usually triggered on ascending or descending portion of the cycle, never at the peak. Further research uncovered the physical mechanism involved, and particular planetary configurations associated with the start of wars.





*The Power of Thought, to Influence the Sun

     In the 80’s an experiment in global meditations was carried out. Global meditations were initiated 6 limes a year for 3½ years. Objective, measurable results were available from NOAA (National Observatory on Atmospheric Administration). Solar activity decreased up to 30% for as long as two weeks after the meditations.


New Information on 2012

             The stressful time, if any, may be June 4-6, 2012, not December 21 as most people think, when Venus moves exactly across the Sun’s disc. At the same time there is a full moon, a partial eclipse, and also Mars & Saturn, both observed to induce solar activity in the past, are aligned with respect to the Sun.


Global Meditations for the 2012 Interval

         Collective meditation might help mitigate any stressful times in the coming years.  Everyone is invited to join in with monthly meditations on the eve of the full Moon and engage in morning positive thought patterns as described by Anastasia. (Anastasia Book 2: The Ringing Cedars of Russia, page 58.) Anastasia says as more people join in “these people’s bright yearnings will merge into a single, clear, fulfilled image of conscious aware­ness The simultaneity of bright thoughts will intensify each persons ability many, many times” partially offsetting any thought forms stimulated by doom and gloom movies and popular speculative articles.



How Peace Activists Can Be More Effective

        By becoming aware of the research on when outbreaks of international battles are likely peace activists can be proactive rather than reactive. This article gives some of the relevant information and references more.


*Geomagnetic Activity and the Falklands Islands Wars

             War Specific incidents of violence in this minor war were found to be related to specific geomagnetic disturbances.


The Power of Collective Thought

             Many experiments are now being done or have been done showing that group prayer or group meditations/visualizations can have demonstrable effects. There is no doubt that it works, even if how it works is still unknown. World wide applications may be instigated now for plagues, pests, pollution, and international tensions. The limits of collective power are unknown. We, all people on the Earth, live in a thought power democracy, although most people don’t realize it.


Section Two

The Biofield – a Measurable Force around Living Organisms


*Discovery of the Biofield

            While investigating pyramid energy, in the late 70’s, I accidentally discovered the presence of a spin or rotational force around the human body. Although several articles have been published on this, I would rewrite it for your journal. A device for measuring this is simple and can be made out of common materials by anyone in one hour. It is called a Biofield Meter.


*Measurement of the Aura- A Higher Octave of Magnetism

          There is a rotational force around the human body which can be easily detected and measured. While not colored as the aura may be, this mechanical force is akin to ordinary iron magnetism. It is very much larger than the body’s magnetic field and may be what Tesla referred to as a higher octave of magnetism.


Detecting and Measuring Remote Intention with the Biofield Meter          

            The simple device, called a Biofield Meter, shows an amplitude change in rotation when a person, or persons, from ten to three thousand miles distant focuses on the subject.

*Polarity Shifts in a Human Biofield at Times of New and Full Moon

             For two years measurements of amplitude and direction were made everyday. At times of a new or full Moon analysis of the data clearly showed that 85% of the time a temporary reversal of the Biofield occurred within a 36 hour period around the New or Full Moon.


Tinker Toy and Stove Pipe Science

             Discarding the belief that new discoveries can only be made in a laboratory with expensive instruments this article describes two amazing discoveries made with simple household devices that can be replicated by anyone.


Spin - Possible Candidate for a Fifth Force

        Along with the properties called electric force, and gravitational force, nearly all subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and up to galaxies, have the property called ‘spin.’ It is proposed that spin be accorded the status of a fundamental force.


* Life Forces & Physics

Some physicists in the past have ignored life in their theories and equations. The discovery of a large spin or rotational force around apparently all living organisms mandates that physics, as a holistic science, broaden the scope of is theoretical foundations. Also some physical entities such as solar systems and even entire galaxies may be considered as living organisms as they all spin.


*Gravity, Bioenergy, and Spin

There is some connection between spin and gravity undiscovered as yet. Experimental evidence has been found, but a general theory needs to be developed to guide further research.


These articles and more are incorporated in an ebook called “The Spin Force” at buryl.com



Section Three



Magnetism and Youthing

            There are several studies on extending the life span on laboratory animals. It is likely that these methods may works on humans too and will work better when a diagnosis of each gland and organ is made and the proper magnetic polarity is applied.


 Reversing the Aging Process Using Magnetic Fields

The  pattern  is  clear  -  treatment  with  magnetic  fields  can  stop  and  even reverse the aging process.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Magnetic Therapy

            People with this difficulty show the same pattern of endocrine imbalance. Every major endocrine gland is off balance in opposite ways. This pattern is unique to those people who have the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. This pattern is not typical of people with so-called Epstein-Barr disease or general depression. It is corrected by application of the proper pulsed magnetic field to each gland.


Magnetism and Medical Astrology

             Some magnetic fields adversely affect some people, such magnetic fields often occur during heliocentric alignments of planets. Since the planets have regular movements such adverse magnetic fields can be predicted and counter measures taken.


Effects of Magnetism on Water and Plant Growth

             Magnetic forces affect hydrogen bonds. These predominate in water, plants, and of course, people. Water treated with the Biosouth magnetic polarity tastes better. Plants grow better. People?


*The Sounds of Earth’s Magnetic Field; its Influence on Health and Wars

             At the fundamental level of the hydrogen protons which are abundant in living organisms, the protons are slightly perturbed in their orientation. When a pulsed magnetic force is applied and shut off protons go back to their original positions and emit a small radio signal. This is the principle of the MRI instruments, only higher frequencies are used. Transducers in the body’s cells transform the electromagnetic waves into sound in the audible range.


Enhancement of Emanations from Crystals with Pulsed Magnetic Forces

             Tests on one hundred people showed that most of them ‘felt’ something from crystals wound with current carrying coils.





Section Four



*Physical Mechanisms in Astrology and Human Behavior

             A physical change in the geomagnetic field occurs when two or more planets line up heliocentrically with the Sun. Small magnetic forces, applied in the laboratory to human beings, can help or hinder the output of hormones or brain waves and thereby have an effect on health or behavior.


*Detection of Planetary Emanations in Water

             A simple iron tube, such as a stove pipe, modeled after the Cloud Busters of Wilhelm Reich can produce a change in the taste of water samples when pointed at the Sun, Moon, or visible planets. Sometimes these waters, when drunk, produce phychophysiological effects.


Are Magnetic Forces a Physical Foundation for Planetary influences?

             Yes, magnetic fields of the Earth are constantly altered in association with the positions of the planets and the activity of the Sun. These changes in turn, affect brain rhythms and endocrine balance.


 Why Astrology Doesn’t Work

             Most astrology is pre-Copernican, that is, the Earth is assumed to be at the center of the universe. Modern observations show that planetary alignments with the Sun are associated with sunspots or other solar activity which in turn affects Earth’s geomagnetic field and people. Astrology leaves out such information which may be half of the influences observed on people.


Battles between Couples and International Battles

             The same factors which trigger many common upsets between couples also may trigger international conflicts. Forces off the planet which affect the geomagnetic field can affect people’s brain waves and hormone balance leading to emotional outbursts. Awareness helps.


Sacred Geometry, Spirals and Astrology – The Living Universe

            Spiral geometry is found throughout nature. The spin force discovered around the body may actually be spiral in nature if careful measurements were made.


*Is the Sun a Conscious Being?

              The Sun is, indeed, a very complex entity, so much so, that it could be taken to be a couscous being.


* Planetary Positions and Sunspots

             The association between heliocentric planetary positions and solar activity is quite clear. Years of research have validated this connection. Although, understanding of the physical mechanisms has not been uncovered, predictions can easily be made years in advance.


*Prediction of Storms Based on Planetary Positions

        Two planets, Pluto and Jupiter, have the largest effect on the weather. The position of the Moon amplifies their effects which are usually only noticeable when Earth is either aligned with them on one side of the Sun or exactly opposite on the other side of the Sun. Pluto is associated with relatively cold and stormy weather, and Jupiter with hot weather. This seems to be a global effect, though it is relative to the norm and the season for the location. The geomagnetic field is also affected. It seems hard to believe since Pluto is more than a billion miles away.


Sunspot Number Changes During Planetary Alignments

             For a few years the planet Uranus, moving faster in its inner orbit, passed Neptune. Even though separated, by approximately 800 million miles, there was a noticeable increase in sunspot numbers during this time.



Section Five

Miscellaneous Articles


World Peace Begins with Ants

             I learned to communicate, or make a deal, with ants, as they do routinely in Africa, they can have the garbage as long as they stay off the kitchen counter.  


Earth’s Magnetic Field: Is It a Global Brain?

        In general the geomagnetic field affects hormones & brain rhythms and health & accidents. It also affects economic trends, the weather, and cycles of war and peace. Humans have the power to counteract adverse influences if they wish too. On the average, though, humans do not, and so operate by default or minimum energy.

 Buryl's Inventions

           The chapter from "Buryl's Inventions" book describes the most important invention of all, although it has gone unnoticed by most people. Simply described, it is the invention to systematically invent new inventions. This technique allows one (or many) to make more inventions without limit or personal restriction.

The Greatest Invention of the Twentieth Century

        The process of how to invent (a group process) surely must rank as one of extreme importance. Every field of human endeavor from watering plants to running a country can benefit from this powerful technique discovered and developed by two men in the 1950’s and 60’s.  It’s simple, it’s fun!


*Perception and the Principle of Least Action

             The brain apparently follows the Principle of Least Action as formulated in classical physics. Neural patterns, representing images or events in the physical world are merged with previous similar patterns when there is a close approximation. Hence, there may be errors of perception and memory.


Towards a Science of Love

A new way of comparing couples was given to the author many years ago. Refinements were made and a software program written by an associate. It provides a clearer understanding of relationships than traditional astrology and is very useful for business relationships as well.

“It’s hopeless- we don’t even have the weather in common.”

The Air Scoop

         In cities, particles stirred up in the air near the ground are now believed to be more harmful to people than gases emitted by car exhaust systems. These particles consist of microscopic bits of tire, carbon ash, paper, concrete dust, and general debris which are continuously roused by wind produced by passing automobiles. A simple, inexpensive way to start cleaning the air in major cities exists. A device which fits on any car that filters micro particles from the air otherwise it would be collected in our lungs. Also described by Anastasia (book 1 of the Ringing Cedar Series, page 116-118).


Uncovering Destructive Self-Criticism, a Teaching Technique

Children are often told they are bad, dumb, fat, or some other critical term. These are only words, but they often become permanent ‘things’ in the minds of children, sometimes blocking growth all their adult lives. Simple reeducation techniques of general semantics can free up this erroneous programming. (Available only in print.)


Abstracting, Identification and Principle of Least Action

               In physics there is a notion called The Principle of Least Action’. In ordinary life it’s called ‘doing things the easy way’. The brain appears to follow the same notion when sorting and storing information. The gestalt theory of perception appears to be derivable from this physical principle.




A Descriptive Theory of Information

              Einstein Pointed out that since the speed of light is finite; a slight error is introduced in measurements of space and time for a moving object. Such measurements are relative to the velocity of the object. Heisenberg maintained that, since any measuring technique used to measure momentum or position of an object has some finite mass, there is an uncertainty in the measurement. In this article it is also argued that any attempt to measure the organization of a pattern requires some ‘language’ for describing the pattern, hence there is unavoidable error in the measurement. (Available in print only)


Section Six

Buryl's Pearls

Beyond Physics - Step Toward a Science of Psychophysics

Our world is very complex.  There are plenty of things unknown; there is much more to be discovered. There seem to be at least four more forces that classical physics has not taken into account in current theories. Three of these are in the area of psychology and suggest that physics as a science be expanded to form a science of psychophysics.



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