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In the last few years the number of global meditations has greatly increased. Different days and times of day have been proposed. Setting an exact time (say 12 noon Greenwich time) means that some people will be meditating in the middle of the night, whereas others may be asked to meditate during normal working time. On a regular basis this could be inconvenient and therefore less people will participate.

Furthermore, if different groups set different times of the day, people may forget or get one peace meditation confused with another. While there is some value in asking people to consciously make extraordinary efforts to meditate, say at 3 am, or noon daily, this can be off set by reduced participation.

Therefore it is proposed that peace groups all choose the same time of day for their meditations. I propose that either local sunrise or sunset, or both times could be good.

These are times for the Earth, not dependent on clocks.

Even in places where it's cloudy, people usually know when the Sun is due to rise or set to within an hour at least. And that may be close enough. Data taken by the Academy for Peace Research in the 80's showed that sunspot number reached a minimum the day after meditations.* In places such as Alaska or Iceland where the Sun does not set or rise, at convenient times, the meditation times could be set at convenient times before or after the normal work days. Some people are naturally early risers, others might find evening times more congruent with their personal energy, so by proposing both morning and evening meditations, maximum participation may occur. Also any groups gathering at other times would know that no matter what time they choose to join in a global meditation on specific days, they would be in resonance with others where ever it was locally sunrise or sunset on the planet. This could be a first step towards global synchronization of all world peace and healing meditations.

Measurements of the geomagnetic field might show a quieting at the times of meditations. This was the case in previous world wide meditations initiated by the Academy and the organization called Peace The 21st.

At sunrise, there is a wave of some kind of about ten cycles per second which sweeps around Earth. The French scientist, Picard, discovered this years ago. The American Indian, called Rolling Thunder, said that at Sunrise, if one holds a glass of water up to the Sun's rays, and prays over it, it can be transformed into whatever medicine one needs to help a particular ailment. (You must clearly visualize what you wish the water to be a medicine for.)

I found that emanations from the Sun, as well as the Moon, and the visible planets, can change the taste of water.** I also measured brain waves and found that the alpha frequency (about 10 Hz) was increased.

The Sun maybe the next level of consciousness for us to attain. Georges Gurdjieff said the highest level of consciousness humans could attain was equivalent to the Sun.

A Sun connection intention I picked up somewhere goes like this:

Oh Sun
Source of Love and light in the universe
Whose radiance illuminates the whole Earth
Illuminate also my (our) hearts that they too may do your work

*This was significant because earlier and ongoing observations show that solar activity is a major triggering factor in start of international battles. See The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun. B. Payne, 1988. Available from the Academy.


**Detecting Emanations From Planets. B. Payne, Jo. of Borderland Science, 1994, Available from the Academy.


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