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The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun

Turning Point for Humanity?
The Academy for Peace Research

A four year study has just been completed by the Academy for Peace Research to test whether or not humans can alter solar and geomagnetic activity by meditating, visualizing, or praying.

Preliminary analysis of the data indicates that this is possible. If so, the implications are awesome!

Why influence the Sun? Research by Professor Raymond Wheeler (deceased) at the University of Kansas uncovered the fact that international battles wax and wane at nearly regular intervals of about 11 years. Wheeler’s data extended back 2,500 years and was extensively analyzed by Edward Dewey, who founded the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, now located at the University of California, Irvine. Buryl Payne, a physicist/psychologist who directs the Academy for Peace Research, was able to correlate the onset of international battles with solar activity for the past 200 years. Prior to that, sunspot data is not available, but presumably humans have been responding to this influence indefinitely into the past.

Crimes, riots, accidents, psychotic episodes, many types of illness, and just plain grouchiness have all been found to increase at times of solar activity and/or geomagnetic disturbances. This is not a theory; diverse studies by many researchers in different countries over many years have supported the same general conclusion.

The link appears to be: Solar flare -> solar winds (sprays of electrons and protons) -> disturbances to Earth’s magnetic field -> hormone changes -> mood changes.

Men may be more affected than women, since warring behavior appears to be a male activity and Buryl hypothesizes (no experimental evidence as yet) that testosterone production in males increases at times of certain types of Magnetic disturbances. Increased production of testosterone in males under 40 is known to produce irritability and aggressiveness. Buryl calls this MMS or Male Macho Syndrome and suggests that warring behavior be considered a new type of social disease.

When people learned of this research they proposed that peace meditations could have a beneficial and calming effect on solar activity. Edgar Cayce had said this would be possible many years ago. The hypothesis was formalized in the design of an experiment called: THE GLOBAL MEDITATION PROJECT. People were invited to meditate at six dates each year (the Solstices, Equinoxes, etc.). A 3-1/2 year study culminated in June 1988 with the alignment of six planets close to the Galactic Center. Normally such an alignment would have been expected to trigger a large increase in solar activity, and an increase in international battles. Although there was an increase in solar activity there was actually a dip one day after the peace meditations. (There were few world upsets and a number of positive international steps taken towards peace in June 1988, a wonderful turning point may have occurred.) Such dips were also observed during the first two years of the experiment, the only times that the data has been analyzed so far. On the average the effects of several million people meditating appears to have resulted in a decrease in solar activity of up to 30% for a period of 7 to 10 days following the meditations.

This remarkable result will help unify science and religion and perhaps provide humankind with a new way to maintain peaceful conditions.

How people can possibly influence the magnetic field of Earth or the Sun is a big scientific mystery. However, one possible link might be related to a biological energy field which Buryl discovered how to detect and measure. This energy field, which has been discovered and rediscovered in the past, is not magnetic, but it varies with variations in Earth’s field. It could be considered a type of spin force and if it were magnetic it would be more than one million times as large as the body’s intrinsic magnetic field and about 100 times as large as the Earth’s magnetic field strength. When people calm down, this field also quiets. Perhaps when enough people meditate they quiet down Earth’s field by some unknown resonance mechanism. The Earth in turn, could be in resonance with the Sun and hence a quiet Earth could result in a quieter Sun.

The implications of the possibility that humans can influence the Sun are tremendous and suggest a number of other international peace projects that could be developed in the new few years.

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