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Love & Sex Without Conflict

 I have gathered 20 simple, but powerful and effective techniques that can help transcend planetary influences.

Generally, people don't know how much they are influenced by forces of the planets.  The same forces that trigger international battles trigger upsets between people; in couples, between parents and children, or business partners.


Knowledge is the first step.

There are 5 body types. Between some, love 'energy' flows easily. Others have a hard time accepting love.  Some women have a body type that needs more than most men can endlessly give.

These 5 types are described in the book. Knowing which type you are (ask someone else to identify yours) and which type your spouse is, can aid your understanding of the dynamics of the relationship, especially if combined with the Heart to Heart analysis.

Still, some differences will probably exist, triggered by some planet or the Moon. If, by pre arrangement, especially a practice session or two, these conflicts can be negated or transcended.

LOVE & SEX contains over a dozen techniques for doing this, not easily found anywhere else. You and your partner must practice when not in conflict, and make an agreement that either one can ask for a technique, which the other must oblige, no matter how mad he or she is in the moment.


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