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Thoughts have power!
Yes! It's been demonstrated in the laboratory and out. Mass thoughts have power too. The Academy has done a large meditation experiment years ago showing that even the Sun's activity is reduced.
This is important for solar activity is connected with the start of international battles.




Past Projects

Most important past project, The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun - 1989

Hepl Haiti Meditation - 2010

Whale Meditation - 2005

Breast Cancer Distant Healing Groups - 2004

The Awakening of the Heart Chakra of Humanity - August 27, 2003

Global Meditation on Cancer & AIDS - August 27, 2003

AIDS Transformation Project - 1996
In 1996 people were invited to visualize the HIV virus mutating into a beneficial rather than malefic form. It was not possible to measure results, but about this time people began surviving AIDS.

The Global Meditation Project - 1984
This idea proved to resonate the most people around the world. Begun in 1984, this was a scientific experiment to see if people meditating together could have positive effects on world peace. Results showed the activity of the Sun decreased consistently during the 18 meditations. This was significant as the solar activity changes had been known to trigger warring behavior. The cold war ended as the final meditations ended in June of 1988. It was estimated that several million people participated during the initial events and many more towards the end.

International Conference for Business Leaders to bypass the War System - 1982
This 1982 workshop was held in Cambridge Massachusetts, over a weekend. We could not get much participation from business leaders, so the useful ideas developed by participants could not be put into practice.

Hands in Peace - 1982
This project arose from a weekend workshop on how to help create world peace. It’s initial form sparked some 250 events across the country and two years later was taken up by another organization with more funding.

How Can New Zealand Serve as a Catalyst for World Peace? - 1982
This was a two day workshop held in New Zealand in 1982 using the Synectics creativity process. It was followed by an eight week training program in creative thinking for members of a third political party and a TV show demonstration of the process for developing alternatives for the Falkand Islands War.

International Business Conference on Bypassing Nuclear War - 1980
To develop creative solutions for by passing nuclear war which can be put into effect by business organizations around the world.

The PK SkyIab Project - June 21, 1979
This project in 1979 was the first to organize human thought power on a large scale. The space station called SkyLab was about to crash into Earth and as an experiment in group psychokinesis, people were invited to try to move it into higher orbit by the power of thought. It was moderately successful.


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