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The late Professor Raymond Wheeler, historian at the University of Kansas, found the cycles of wars going back as far as 2500 years. Before that he couldn't get good data. One of Wheeler's cycles is reproduced below.

22 Year Cycles of War

It was thought the war cycles could be related to the well known sunspot cycle, but the war peak activity clearly came after the sunspot peaks, so this puzzled researchers.

11 Year Sunspot Cycle

Pondering over the data and the sunspot cycles I finally realized that the key factor was when wars started. This turned out to be when geomagnetic activity was greatest, which occurred when solar activity was rapidly increasing or decreasing.

When I looked at when international battles started the data showed a clear association with the upsurge of solar activity and the descent.  Battles never started at the peak years of solar activity and hardly ever at the lows.

This is shown by the bar graph below, which was prepared by analysis of the raw data, where black bars show the start of international battles and the white bars show the peak of sunspot cycles. The black bars never coincide with the peaks of solar activity (white bars).

What can be done about wars?


A Typical Sunspot Peak

I found that the start of battles occurred mostly during the ascent, or decent, of sunspot activity every 11 years.

A geophysicist found that geomagnetic activity, which affects brainwaves and hormones, was higher on the ascending or descending portion of the solar activity cycle. Once started, battles may be over soon, or carried on for years, so it may seem that wars are always happening.

I found that I could predict the specific times of heightened solar activity by analysis of where the planets were in the solar system. Anyone can predict when upsets, or good times are likely to occur with our software program: The Dynamic Solar System.

We found that global meditations reduce sunspot activity.
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Coordinating Thought Power Together

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