Dr. Buryl Payne

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Coordinating Thought Power Together

Millions of people can probably perform miracles.

The Transcendental Meditation Organization has demonstrated that humans meditating together could decrease the local crime rate. In 1987 millions gathered together in a Harmonic Convergence. People are getting the idea of working together, we only need to coordinate synchronically and focus to see even better results.

This may be only a hint at what is possible. Of course more research needs to be done; that's one reason for the AIDS Project which is only a beginning. If such powers continue to be demonstrated, people may be inspired to work together on cancer and other infectious diseases, to see if we could alter the weather (rain dances do work!), increase or retard the growth of plants, bring more harmony into all social relationships, and eventually assume our role at caretakers of this beautiful planet, perhaps we might even have enough focused power someday to handle cockroaches!

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