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Can and will humans take charge of their own evolution?

In the 1970's people began to accept the idea that personal reality is created first at the level of thought. Hypnotists, some schools of psychology, and many religious and self-realization teachings have long recognized and operated on this premise. The wide-spreading practices of meditation, creative affirmation and biofeedback training procedures contributed to the development of the theme. Groups of people began to work independently on world peace, believing that if reality can be created and altered on a personal level with visualization exercises, it can be created and improved on a global one.

The Transcendental Meditation organization presented evidence showing that participators could calm social unrest in local areas. Now there are groups which have been meditating on world peace for a number of years. It is only a matter of time before these and other groups create an international project encompassing methods of visualization and timing (selecting specific dates throughout the year upon which to focus the meditations) already proven to indicate significant success in previous experiments.

The Academy for Peace Research became involved when research uncovered relationships between solar activity and geomagnetic storms, and changes in human behavior and geophysical events (weather, geological disturbances). It was observed that humans meditating coherently quieted the entire magnetic field of the Earth and even the Sun's activity was reduced at the time of the meditation, as suggested by Edgar Cayce.

Since the solar and geomagnetic data is readily available from the U.S. Government's Space Weather Prediction Center, experiments can be carried out easily. Click here for daily solar data.

Ideally, the experiments should involve a network of groups already active in peace meditations. The sessions should be conducted on some or all of these 6 dates each year: the solstices, the equinoxes, the first Sunday in August and the first Sunday of U.N. week in late October.

Why Global Meditations?



1. To help individuals, groups, and organizations develop practical plans for actions that will help create and maintain world peace.
2. To make available to everyone, information about the connection between sunspot activity and the start of international battles.
3. To show people how to predict international battles and personal upsets.
4. To suggest what actions might be done to avoid them, and other global challenges such as plagues, global warming, adverse weather, and over population.









To help humanity develop spiritual cooperation by meditation and enhanced telepathy.



To gather and use the most powerful known techniques for bringing forth creative ideas and to teach people the methods.


The Academy has several research projects ranging from understanding the nature of love to teaching people telepathy.  See for example, the Heart to Heart  System and the Brain Harmonizer. See APR Products.


To fund its projects the Academy is selling shares for $27.  Shareholders will enjoy several benefits.

The Academy was founded in 1982 as a 501 (c3) non profit corporation in the State of Massachusetts.

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