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you may like to apply this skill to resolve some practical or health problems. This book gives you guidance for focusing your mind on eliminating those problems. It contains the knowledge of a practical businessman, Carmen Reitano, and the psychotherapy and health practice of Buryl Payne. These procedures you won’t find in any other book . Plus, procedures for psychic development and past life techniques, which, fantasy or not, can be most useful in daily affairs.

In this book you will find clear step by step instructions for working with your patients or yourself. You will learn the words you need to say and the responses you should expect.

E-book available for $17

Below are Sunrise Meditation guidelines from the "Applied Meditation" book.

Sunrise Meditation

In the morning, before sunrise, the world is very calm.  The body energy is low and the mind is quiet.  At sunrise, all life stirs and awakens. This is an excellent time to ride on the crest of the sun’s energy wave and set yourself to have a beautiful day.

Begin the sunrise meditation with some mild exercise, which includes at least one minute of deep, strong breath­ing.  If you are working with a partner (which we recommend, at least in the beginning) he or she may read the instructions to you for the first couple of times until he or she gets the essential idea. The words aren’t critical. A pleasant soothing voice and mood is.  Attach the SCM and set the pitch to slightly above the mid-range. Begin with a countdown from five to one and then proceed as follows:

Focus your attention on your left foot. With your mind’s eye, pick a point in your left foot.

Guide waits a few seconds. . . then says with approval: “Good” or “Fine” or “All right”. This process is repeated after every change of focus by the subject at the discretion of the guide.

Now move your attention up to your left ankle and pick a point on your ankle.  Good.  Move on to the calf of your leg.  Fine.  Then into your knee.  All right, please put your attention on a point in your left thigh.  Good.  Now move into your left hip. Beautiful! Now direct your consciousness and awareness to your right foot and concentrate on a tiny point within your right foot.  Fine.  Move that point of awareness into your right ankle and then into your calf.  Good.  Now move on up into your knee and then into your upper leg.

All right, direct your consciousness into your pel­vis. Good. Now focus your awareness within your stomach and up into your chest. Very good.

Please direct your inner awareness to your left hand and select a tiny point within your left hand.  Fine.  Attend now to some point within your left wrist and then move up into your forearm.  Good.  Continue to direct your consciousness up into your shoulder.  All right.  Now focus on a point in your right hand.  O.K.  Please pick a point in your right wrist. And now move into your forearm. . ., elbow. . ., upper arm . . ., and right shoulder.  Beautiful.

Next direct your awareness to a point in your chest and then pick a point within your heart. Wonderful. Focus on a point in your throat.  O. K. Pick a point in your jaw and let your teeth slightly part as you relax your jaw.  Very good.  Next, pick a point in your right cheek.  Good.  Then pick a point in your left cheek.  Move to a point within your right eye. Beautiful.  Now concentrate on a point within your left eye.  Beautiful.

Pick a point in your forehead right between and above your eyes.

This is called the third eye in some Eastern practices.  It is a good final stopping point for meditation.

Now visualize having a wonderful day, visualize in detail the entire day going very well for you.  One by one visualize any tasks you have to do, being completed easily and efficiently, with no strain or stress.

Then the guide may do a count up as previously described. Improvise as desired.


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