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Since  the  article  on  Magnetism  and  Youthing  was  written  two  years  ago  additional  information has  been  accumulated.   The  pattern  is  clear  -  treatment  with  magnetic  fields  can  stop  and  even reverse the aging process.


The instruments apply pulsing fields to the whole body and especially to the pineal and pituitary  glands in the brain during sleep.


The first step would be to stimulate for twenty minutes with a pocket pulsar the  pituitary gland as one drops off to sleep.  The aim is to stimulate producing human growth hormone.  While it, may not work well  for everyone, or it may be necessary to find the optimum frequency, pulse rate, or waveform, it's better for others to try it rather than wait until we test it out on a few of the staff.  That could take years. There are not likely to be any adverse side effects - it's only a question of how effective such instruments are, not whether or not they are effective. 


The second step would be to use an instrument that surrounds the bed and produces a small magnetic field as you sleep.  This is not necessary to use every night, only about once every week or two.  Pulse rate on this instrument will be variable and polarity can be switched. This full bed instrument is not sold to the general public; it is for personal use only. In addition  anyone will benefit from a complete magnetic diagnosis and corresponding treatments with the standard Pulsars.  However this can be done by anyone simply by reading my book and following the procedure.  The book: MAGNETIC HEALING. The book is available on Amazon. 


Ten years of personal use of magnetic fields has convinced me of their value.  A man who tested me one day said I had the flexibility of an 18 year old! Drinking magnetized water seems helpful, though difficult to prove. There are several lines of endeavor to explore, but by the time we get around to doing it, it may be too late to help you; hence the request for funding and your personal research.


Participants will be expected to keep records of their progress. With feedback from users plus our own considerations we will be able to guide the research in an efficient manner, and given adequate funding, will proceed rapidly towards the development of optimum instrumentation.


A 50 year old woman brought her 80 year old mother to see me one day for a magnetic diagnosis.  The daughter bought the mother one of my instruments and two weeks later called to say that her mother, formerly almost house bound now was so active she had trouble keeping up with her!


Two of the pulsed magnetic instruments are available right now. We do not have a photograph of the third one and it can be made by order.




15 minutes treatment twice a day by Pocket or Power Pulsar.


Pocket Pulsar

$350, $15 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S.

Distributor price (3 or more pulsars) $175


Meditation probably would be helpful.

Power Pulsar

$1190, $30 shipping & handling to the Continental U.S

Lease option plan: $50 for three weeks trial and $5 a day after that. Full purchase price required as a deposit returned to you less lease fee.

Distributor price (3 or more Pulsars) $595


For more information please see Buryl’s book:  "Magnetic Healing"on Amazon.com



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